Britney Spears writes a book: the announcement is on Instagram


Britney Spears

The 39-year-old has asked fans for help to find a title for her upcoming production, whose plot she says: “The protagonist has been murdered but her ghost is stuck in our world, she can’t trust anyone.”

Britney Spears’ first book will be out next year.

From what can be seen in the post published by the 39-year-old on Instagram, it will be a fantasy whose story symbolizes conservatorship.

Precisely for this reason the pop star asked the fans for help, involving them in the choice of the title.

«Psssssss also great news… I’m thinking about publishing a book next year but I’m having trouble finding a title so maybe my fans could help !!!! Option No. 1 … “Shit, I really don’t know.” Option No. 2… “I really care what people think !!!!”. What do you think ???? », wrote Brit adding some details on the plot.


“The protagonist has been murdered, but she doesn’t know how to cross the world she knew. After three years in limbo, she has become a ghost that feeds on its reflection in a mirror in order to exist; she is stuck in limbo with pain and trauma, ”writes the Toxic singer.

“She can’t trust anyone, but then something happens that makes her understand how to get to her family. To get out of limbo, she has to make a decision: say goodbye to the people who killed her or create a whole new life for herself », continues the pop star.

«The protagonist has found a portal thanks to prayer, this is how she will understand that she must not be afraid and that she can get out of limbo. What he will do after he has made it, however, I leave it to your imagination ».

According to the comments of the fans it would be a sort of cathartic book thanks to which Spears metabolizes the experiences suffered in the past years under the conservatorship and control of his father Jamie.



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