Brock Purdy out through injury but had to return to replace Johnson

Brock Purdy was hit by Haason Reddick and the blow would leave him out of the game for the ticket to the Super Bowl

The quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Brock Purdy, He hurt his right elbow (throwing arm) and wasn’t able to return until the third quarter, when the Eagles led by two positions and after his replacement was hurt as well.

brock purdy and the Niners they play against the Philadelphia Eagles the championship game of the National conference, the winner will dispute the super bowl against the win of the American conference. Purdy was contacted by linebacker haason reddick during a first quarter play.

The defender arrived just as the quarterback was starting his throwing arm motion; as he was unable to make the forward movement, the play was flagged as a fumble and recovered by eagles. To purdy and Niners, in addition to the loss of the ball, meant the injury of the quarterback – who substitutes for the injured Jimmy Garoppolowho in turn played much of the regular season due to injury to trey lance, Starting QB of the team–.

With purdy out, the veteran Josh Johnson it replaced with 4:50 remaining in the first quarter. The 49ers went to three and out on Johnson’s opening drive. But finally in the second quarter and thanks to an impressive run by Christian McCaffrey, the Niners evened the game – the defense did a great job to keep the duel in one possession.

It should be noted that the 23-yard TD run by McCaffreycame after a good call by Johnson a play earlier, when he was chased by the defense, but wisely and without exposing him, he got rid of the ball to lose no yardage.

However, the error of Josh Johnson It came shortly after the end of the second quarter, when he could not stop the center when opening a play and left Jalen Hurts and company at the 30-yard line San Francisco. The Niners fourth quarterback’s fumble was converted for a touchdown by boston scott. brock purdy he was on the touchline with his right arm immobilized the whole time.

purdy initially tried to return to the game, but the coach kyle shanahan stopped him and sent Johnson to the hospital while Purdy went to the blue medical tent for further evaluation. purdywho became the fifth rookie quarterback to start a conference championship game, was 2-for-2 for 19 yards at the time of the injury.

brock purdyconditioned as he was after the blow, had to return to the controls after an injury to josh johson at the beginning of the third quarter. He took the team down by two scores.

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