‘Brown eyes’, the TikTok trend that will remind you of your ex

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That is not done! In TikTok the trend is moving with the new song by Lasso ‘Your Brown Eyes’ in which users are sharing failed love stories of different celebrities, in addition to their own.

The Venezuelan singer lasso He has made several duets to these videos where he assures that they are a bit cruel.

‘Your brown eyes’ the new trend on TikTok

If you are one of those who take advantage of the time in the bathroom to dive into short TikTok videos and you have heard this song, you will know that you are about to see a video full of sadness and comparisons in which you wish never to appear.

And it is that, the users began to use this audio of the choir of the song of the Venezuelan Lasso in which they share photos of a couple for later tear her apart by comparing her to her old relationship.

Some of the couples in the middle who have been victims of this newor trend are Aislin Dérbez, Yuya and Beto Pasillas, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Here is an example of what the trend of ‘Your brown eyes’, Lasso’s song that generates sadness, avoid not crying or thinking about any of your ex-boyfriends.

What does Lasso’s ‘Brown Eyes’ song say?

The singer confessed that he never thought his song would go viral on TikTok, in addition to assuring that it is not his intention to create comparisons. between couples or individuals.

This is what the song says Lasso’s ‘Brown Eyes’.

“She does get along with my friends.

We never argue, it’s what I’ve always wanted

But when I look into her eyes, I see that they are not

your brown eyes

Now that you know the song, we hope you never have to dedicate ‘Brown Eyes’ by Lasso nor that you appear in this TikTok trend.

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