BTS’s V loves this girl, but his best friend “betrayed” him and dated her

V for BTS He is one of the most recognized singers in K-Pop. He is also known by his fans as one of the most romantic group members. Although he is single, he has not missed the opportunity to show his crush on a famous actress, but her best friend managed to “date” her.

The member of the group is one of those who takes the most care of his personal life, but he is usually very active on social networks to keep his fans informed. In interviews he has also revealed details of his life, such as his celebrity crushwhom he has not yet been able to meet.

But, he has shown that he follows some of his works such as his series, because once he shared a video of the program through his Instagram since a song by bts was included. However, it was recently revealed that one of his best friends He was with the girl that V likes.

BTS V’s friend fulfills his dream with this girl

The same thing happened with Suga and Jungkook, because the Golden Maknae has been “in love” with IU for years, but his partner is the one who has managed to collaborate with her. v was also a victim of his “bad luck”, because her crush is lily collins and the actress has already worked with Choi Woo Shikone of his actor friends.

Both celebrities worked together in the movie “Okja”, which you can see on Netflix today. On social networks, ARMY has shared several clips of the scenes where go out together and joked about the reaction of vbecause they know that she is the girl he likes.

Lily Collins is also aware of v and the band, because recently he commented on the photo of an actor who attended the concerts of bts in Las Vegas, something that excited the ARMY.

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