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The topic of Byron Castillo has been the topic of the day for three weeks. He is the most talked about soccer player from Ecuador due to the complaint that Chile filed with Fifa for alleged false nationality, a controversy that is not new and seemed already closed for the player.

The National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) of Chile believes that the player’s nationality was obtained with false documents, that the irregularity would increase with the games he played with the national team, which would be enough to expel La Tri from the Qatar World Cup and open the door to La Roja.

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Fifa, in play

There are two explanations to keep in mind. The Fifa file is presented when one of the affiliated countries denounces.

The entity talks with the parties, analyzes the pros and cons, then sits down to analyze the case and make a determination on the matter.

In Ecuador they handle the option that the selection of that country is not sanctioned, therefore, you can go to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

And that is strengthened by the statements of specialized lawyer Celso Vásconez, who warns that FIFA will not sanction Ecuador.

And he warns based on the following: “Fifa does not have jurisdiction to determine if a document is adulterated or not, that is simply up to a judge”, Vasconez warned.

The same way, the jurist points out that if Fifa agrees with Chile, to the complaint, it must sanction the player, not the Ecuadorian team.

The foregoing gives rise to say that the match between Ecuador and Chile will not take place.


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