Camila Cabello is proud of her “little outfit bought at the flea market”


Camila Cabello she could wear any look that just came off a runway or choose the best of each new collection. However, we find that the pop star loves it also go shopping at the flea market to find true vintage gems.

In her latest Instagram post, the “Romance” singer proudly displays her “psmall outfit from the flea market“, as he explains in the caption.

But how cute is there dungarees and the patch on which small oranges are embroidered? Really lovely, like the T-Shirt worn to the right point and that probably comes directly from the 90s.

The perfect casual look for “cook, read and write songs! Life is Beautiful. I hope you are having a nice day“, continues Camila in the caption.

We like it because it is one sustainable choice, as you know the way to do shopping current is aimed at satisfying immediate impulses and what we buy is very often worth the craze of a season.


This practice has a devastating environmental impact on the planet. Every year millions of tons of new but never purchased clothes are thrown away, polluting first for their production and then for their disposal. Because therefore we cannot consider what already exists as one of the ways to express our style in a sustainable way?

The look she wears Camila clearly says it can, and how if you can.

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