Camila Cabello may have unveiled her favorite song from Shawn Mendes’ new album


Just like you, too Camila Cabello has his own favorite song from the new album Shawn Mendes “Wonder”. It would be “Song For No One”, track number 8 of the project.

Fans guessed it from one Instagram story published by the singer in which she shared this song commenting it with “wow”.

In case you feel like listening to the “Song for no one”, all you have to do is click play below.

For Shawn Camila has always been source of inspiration. He revealed it himself in the documentary “In Wonder”, where is it among other things he says that all her old songs were about her, including the world famous “Treat You Better”.

“We were in New York and suddenly one of my songs was on the radio or something – explains Shawn – and it turns out that song was about Camila. So I told her like ‘Yes, it talks about you. Everything speaks of you. All the songs have always been about you. ‘ She said something like ‘What do you mean?’ and I ‘All the songs I wrote were about you, Treat You Better, all of them! And she was like, ‘Oh my God.’ ‘She never knew! All this time I thought she’d noticed. “

The singer continues:

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write songs that do justice to my feelings for Camila. I think it’s like when you see the moon or the stars and you try to take a picture with your iPhone but you can’t, they don’t come out right, because some things can’t be captured. “

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