Camila Homs gave her opinion of the memes to Rodrigo de Paul for the boots he dedicated to Tini Stoessel after the defeat of Argentina

From Argentina, camila homs encouraged the National Team and reacted forcefully when asked about the memes addressed to Rodrigo dePaul and his girlfriend, Tini Stoessel, after the defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia in the first match of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“How bad!” said the model, without hesitation, when Santiago Riva Roy, the notary of Show Partnershe commented on one of the spicy jokes that circulated on social networks about De Paul, who did not play his best game at the start of the World Cup.

Reluctant to comment on the intimate life of his ex-partner and father of his children, Camila Homs did expand a little more in her defense of Tiniwho took off from the unfortunate comments he received about Rodrigo’s poor performance in the match.

“They are bad. Everything is fine. It seems to me that (Tini) has nothing to do with it. It’s something of the game, and it can go well or it can go wrong.”


Note: -How did you see the debut of the National Team?

Camila Homs: -I saw the game at home, in bed, drinking mates. I saw him very calm, but it was a pity (the defeat).

Notero: -What did you feel with the people’s posts, with the criticism of Rodrigo and Tini for the defeat? The thing about the Triple T of the boots… They told him “you would have scored right, left, instead of TTT”.

Camila: -I didn’t watch much networks. How bad! The people are bad. poor girl.

Notero: – Is there a place for sorority with Tini?

Camila: -I’m not going to talk about that. Everything is alright. It seems to me that it has nothing to do with it. It is something of the game, and it can go well or it can go badly.

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