Can the Olympia law apply to Christian Nodal?

After much silence regarding his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal It exploded on social networks, but this time against the parents of his ex-fiancée, whom he accuses of collecting the fruits of his daughter “until leaving her with nothing.”

Through a Twitter post, Nodal shared a screenshot that reads Belinda asking him if some money is not going to come to him, in addition to what his parents have to fix his teeth.

“Honey, do you think I can get my teeth fixed this week, I mean, isn’t there going to be any money coming to you this week, apart from my parents, so I can get them fixed?” The singer and actress of “Welcome to Eden” wrote via WhatsApp, which was published by her ex-partner.

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Given these publications of the singer on social networks, feminist groups assure that Nodal must be subject to the Olympia law, which sanctions digital violence.


What is the Olympia law?

It is a set of reforms to the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence and the Federal Penal Code, which seek to recognize digital violence and punish crimes that violate the sexual intimacy of people through digital media, also known as cyber violence.

What is digital violence?

They are acts of harassment, harassment, threats, insults, messages
of hate, violation of data or private information made through the use of technologies. In addition to the dissemination of images, audios or videos – real or simulated – of the intimate sexual content of a person without their consent.

What is media violence?

These are acts carried out through any means of communication that directly or indirectly promote sexist stereotypes, advocate violence against women and girls, produce or allow the dissemination of sexist hate speech and gender discrimination or inequality between women and men.

What are the penalties?

The “Olympia Law” contemplates penalties of three to six years in prison for those who carry out these actions and fines ranging from 500 to 1,000 Units of Measurement and Updating (UMA). In 2021 the UMA has a value of 89.62 pesos per day, according to the Inegi.

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