Can you charge your Nintendo Switch with the mobile phone charger? Risks and alternatives

The USB-C port of the Nintendo hybrid has opened the door to all kinds of peripherals, but not all are compatible.

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You have gone on a trip to another city and when you arrive and empty your suitcase you realize that the charger for your Nintendo Switch has been left at home, can you use your mobile phone charger? The short answer is yesbut with many conditionals and taking into account the risks. First of all, the most obvious thing is that you will need your charger to have a USB-C port. If you don’t use iPhone or old Android models, it is normal that this is the port you find yourself with, but there is more data to take into account.

Nintendo does not guarantee the proper functioning of third-party chargers.The usual thing today is that phone chargers are divided into a power adapter, on the one hand, and a charging cable, on the other. The cable is the first element to which we must pay close attention. It is important that you keep in mind that Nintendo does not guarantee the proper functioning of third-party charging systems. And obviously, neither do we. In the compatible sector, there are many manufacturers who jump into the pool because, a priori, they meet the standards required by the console, but from there to guaranteeing its perfect operation, there is a long way.


In any case, if you don’t have the official charger at hand and want to get out of trouble, you’d be safer with the official charging cable which includes the Pro Controller and the charging support for the Joy-Con (HAC-010). This is one of the recommendations that Nintendo shares from its support, and ideally, if you have one of them, put it in the console case to always have it at hand, even if you have forgotten the charger. If you do not have this cable either and you have to use a compatible one, you will have to make sure that it has a resistance of 56K Ohms. You also have USB-C cables licensed by Nintendo from third-party companies.

Make sure the cable has a resistance of 56k OhmsRegarding third-party chargers and unofficial “docks”, there are many that are presented as compatible, but the Nintendo Switch is designed to charge at around 39W. Most phone chargers range between 5W and 20W, so you’ll experience slower charging with one of them. These could serve for a compromising situation, although they could get to block the console in the worst case, as happened to some unofficial charging bases in the past, due to the difference in power. You should also keep in mind whenever you are going to use a compatible charger, that the parameters of the official Nintendo Switch power adapter are 5 V 1.5 A for portable mode and 15 V 2.6 A for TV mode.

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We do not advise you to use external batteries without a licenseIn case you want to use a external battery to charge your Nintendo Switch, again, we recommend that you get one of their licensed models, such as those manufactured by the Anker brand. The reasons are the same, using different “power banks” that you have at home without taking into account their parameters can lead to poor charging, even blocking the machine. Taking into account the recommendations on cables to alternatively charge the Nintendo Switch, it is clear that they expect that many users are going to find themselves in the situation of reaching for any charger they have on hand in an unforeseen event, however, that we have this possibility does not mean that it will always be safe and as far as possible, our advice is that avoid the use of any product without an official license.

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