Cannes Film Festival: 7 eye-catching looks through the years

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most important events within the film industry, its objective is to present and recognize some films internationally to support the development of the seventh art.

A few days ago the 75th edition began, which will end on May 28. The dress code that guests attending the event held in France are expected to wear is: long dresses and heels for women and tuxedos for men.

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However, since its creation in 1946, this has been changing, so we present some of the most striking looks that have been seen over the years at the Cannes Festival.

Anne Hathaway

It seems that the American actress paid homage to her film “The Princess Diaries”; since during the red carpet of the third day of the Festival she wore a dress made of sequins in white from the Armani Privé firm with an opening below the chest that simulates two pieces, with a long bow-shaped cape, a look that definitely is worthy of a princess.

anne hathaway cannes 2022


Anne Hathaway, winner of the Oscar award for the film “Les Miserables”, completed the outfit with a matching sapphire necklace and ring from the Italian brand Bulgari, of which she is an ambassador, while she decided to wear light makeup and loose hair, a combination which made her look jovial. Her look quickly became a trend and social media users recognized how good she looked.

Diana Princess of Wales

Lady Di, first wife of Prince Charles of England, was always characterized by wearing looks that, although they defied the strict dress rules of the British crown, were very chic and part of her personality.

For the 1987 edition of the cannes-festivalthe Princess Dianamother of Prince William and Prince Harry, wore a dress designed by Catherine Walker, one of her top confidants and, of course, a trusted designer.

Diana of Wales wore a strapless dress in pastel blue with a scarf of the same color around her neck; the dress had a design on the front of the same fabric; She accompanied the dress with long diamond earrings, a bouquet of yellow and pink flowers that added a touch of color on the carpet. Years later, the dress was auctioned for more than 100 thousand euros to support different charitable causes.

Bella Hadid

Most of the times that the famous American model has appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes Festival, she has done so with daring looks, such as her appearance at the 74th edition, which was the first to be held after the pandemic. For this occasion, Bella, who has paraded for Victoria’s Secret, used a long-sleeved black dress from the Schiaparelli brand, however, the special thing about the outfit is the neckline, since the only thing that covered her chest was a huge golden necklace that for some people simulated a tree and for others it was an allusion to the lungs of the human body.

bella hadid cannes

Due to the attention she got with this accessory, Bella Hadid decided to style the dress with black strappy heels, her classic ‘clean look’, that is, makeup in neutral colors and a hairstyle completely collected in a bun, in addition to arts and discreet rings.


It’s not a secret that madonna is an icon of pop culture and of course, if you talk about striking looks, your name has to shine, as it happened in 1991 when you paraded in Cannes to present his documentary “In bed with Madonna”.

The singer and businesswoman appeared wearing a long pink robe, which was surprising at the moment since it was an uncharacteristic outfit for her. However, the surprise came when Madonna took off that gown and wore a bra, whose cups were cones and a white satin garter belt made by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Blake Lively

The actress who rose to fame for her participation in the series “Gossip Girl”, is one of the personalities who receives the most attention when she attends an event, since her particular and elegant style has surprised through the years, just as she did a few weeks ago by co-hosting the MET Gala.

And his appearances in the cannes-festival They are not far behind, especially in the 2014 edition, in which she wore a tight-fitting black dress with white details on the neckline and a train in the same tone. The dress that Blake Lively, who is married to the actor Ryan Reynolds since 2012, it was a creation of the Gucci brand and he finished styling it with a diamond necklace and earrings, he also used a bracelet with red details, the same color as his nails and lips, while his blonde hair accommodated him in a voluminous low bun

blake lively cannes


Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart

In 2015, the cannes-festival was involved in a controversy due to its dress code, since it emerged through the newspaper Screen Daily that the organization denied access to a group of women for not wearing heels, the newspaper published the following testimony:

“Someone I know, in her fifties, was turned down for wearing flat sandals, they were nice, nothing like beach sandals. They told her to go and buy some proper shoes.”

Faced with this situation, during the 2016 edition, the actress who starred in the movie “Mujer Bonita”, Julia RobertsIn addition to wearing a pretty black Armani Privé dress with a plunging neckline and an emerald Chopard necklace, she decided to take off her heels and walk barefoot across the rest of the carpet. Julia did not comment on the situation, which is why many people say that it was a show of solidarity and protest against the Festival.

julia roberts barefoot cannes

On the other hand, in 2018, Kristen Stewart did a similar act. The actress who is known for her participation in the “Twilight” films and for recently playing Princess Diana of Wales in “Spencer”, has always been in favor of comfort and is a faithful defender of her casual style, so that when it was presented in Cannes Wearing a silver Chanel dress and deciding to take off her Christian Louboutin heels, she caught the public’s attention.

Adriana Lima

Finally, there is the Brazilian model, Adriana Lima, who is currently expecting her third baby with her partner Andre Lemmers III, a film producer and with whom she posed on the carpet of the cannes-festival some days ago.

The model who, like Bella Hadid, has paraded for Victoria’s Secret, decided to join the trend imposed by Rihanna: show her baby bump without fear and not lose style.

The model used a black dress from the Balmain brand, which had an opening to show off her belly. The dress perfectly adapted to her body and had shoulder pads that gave her a peculiar style.

adriana lima pregnancy cannes


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