Cara Delevingne: Top trash!

“Phew, she’s better!” This is the thought that crossed the minds of those who crossed paths with Cara Delevingne on September 27 for the launch of her Cara Loves Karl Spring/Summer 2023 fashion capsule in Paris. beauty that day: perfect line, revealing a plunging neckline and her beautiful endless legs, luminous complexion, mischievous gaze and devastating smiles, which had disappeared from her face lately.At the beginning of the month, Cara had purely and simply skipped the launch of his capsule in the United States. Worse still, he had been seen on several occasions in a very disturbing state in public. First there was his behavior, to say the least, at the Billboard Music Awards in May, then his appearance with shaking hands at Jimmy Fallon in late July and, a few weeks ago, Cara had appeared a funny cigarette then a stranger pipe to her lips in her car in LA

A heroin-addicted journalist mother

A few days later, images of the blonde with shaggy hair, without shoes and struggling to stand on the tarmac at Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles, went around the world. The worry reached fever pitch after a visit to her home from her friend Margot Robbie, tearfully leaving Cara’s house. Simple crisis of the thirties, which she has just reached (and widely celebrated in Ibiza) on August 12 of this year, or a real descent into hell accompanied by illicit and dangerous substances? In the matter, the English model would, alas, from whom to hold. Cara was born in London in 1992, in a very wealthy environment. Her mother, Pandora, is a columnist for English Vogue, her father, Charles, a property developer. At the Delevingne, we are rich and social, but beware, not Kardashian! Mom Pandora counts among her friends Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Joan Collins for the Hollywood side, who is also Cara’s godmother. This ultra-chic and very prominent socialite tendency does not prevent her from having her own demons, since the mother has long struggled with a strong addiction to heroin and suffers from bipolarity. Angela Margo Delevingne, Cara’s paternal grandmother was, meanwhile, lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, and Sir was given to one of her grandfathers, who was no less than Viscount. His godfather runs the Condé Nast press group. Anyway, Cara and her two big sisters, Chloe and Poppy, were clearly born with a silver teaspoon in their mouths. They grow up in the chic London district of Belgravia where rents rub shoulders with the stars, and at the Francis Holland School in central London, Cara meets the children of the gratin English.

It was also on leaving that she was spotted for the first time, at the age of 5, by the mother of one of her friends, Sarah Doukas, the agent who had discovered a few years ago a certain Kate Moss! Cara did her very first shoot at age 10 with star Bruce Weber for the vogue Italian. Excuse a bit. But there’s no question of dropping out! As a good English teenager, the young girl will attend a boarding school, that of Bedales, one of the most exclusive schools in the kingdom. But you have to admit, studying isn’t really his thing.

The top of The top of the 2010s

Beauty muse as well as for the jewelry and watches of the prestigious Dior house in recent years, Cara posed for the greatest throughout the previous decade. Yves Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Burberry, Chanel…: the model embodies a kind of natural and effortless elegance that brands crave, very far from the physique of artificial bimbos. Tweezer makers have made it their pet peeve since it started the bushy brow trend!

@Bestimage – 2020, Dior. Far from cold and disembodied beauties, Cara is a muse of character that brands are snapping up.

The difficult course of thirty

His crazy house in LA!

Two years ago, the model invited the cameras of AD Magazine to visit her incredible Los Angeles home and the images were worth the detour! Cara has trampolines, a ball pool and sexy rooms. She also built a tunnel in the shape of a vagina, her favorite place to think, she says! Hidden behind a wooden panel covered with a mirror, the passage is entirely pink. You enter through an imposing vulva represented by pink curtains on each side, surrounding darker fuchsia feathers, as well as a suspended white ball supposed to represent the clitoris. The exit is made in another room, while crawling, by the porthole of a pink washing machine, which symbolizes the rectum. Did you say lit?

Drawing up an exhaustive list of Cara’s conquests seems totally impossible, so successful is the bomb! “I love sex”, she balances on the radio in 2019, saying that she has a hard time resisting temptation whatever it is. “I can be tempted very easily. If I walk into a room where people are having sex, I’ll probably join them,” she says, also confident that she’s “submissive” with men and just the opposite with girls. women ! Among her conquests, we find Harry Styles, with whom she had an affair in 2013, just like Miley Cyrus and her ex-BFF Rita Ora, with whom she would also be out for a time. With Michelle Rodriguez in 2014, the story seems a little more serious, but it does not last, just like the love story she will have in 2018 with Paris Jackson, and in 2020 with Jaden Smith. It is rumored that Cara would have once formed a trouple with Elon Musk and Amber Heard. In the department of more serious stories, from 2014 to 2016, she melted for the singer St Vincent then, in 2018, it was love at first sight with actress Ashley Benson on the set of Her Smell. Express engagement, marriage, then finally separation in 2020. Today, Cara would be close to the English musician Minke.

Call of Duty video game fan

Cara suffers from dyspraxia, coordination acquisition disorders, and depression from adolescence, which does not help (see box). She certainly likes artistic materials, but conforming to a mold is already not really her style. Her thing is more to play Call of Duty and make her friends laugh. It doesn’t matter, since we want her on the catwalks at all costs, she will be a model like her big sister Poppy. In 2009, she signed her first contract with the Storm agency. Three years later, in 2012, she won the title of model of the year, then a second time in 2014. With her bushy eyebrows and her androgynous cat face, the young woman intrigues and fascinates. Brands are snapping it up, from H & M to Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld. “It’s the strength of her personality that makes her unique”, explains to anyone who wants to listen the Kaiser who swears by her. Some call her The Face of the 2010s and consider her the new Kate Moss. They are not wrong, She is beautiful, singular and trashy, like her elder. Swearing not to be a fashionista, she downright swings that she’s getting bored… on the catwalk which gives her psoriasis. She wants more than just being a well-dressed doll. “I want to make music, I want to make movies, I want to sing. I want to do something that doesn’t break out my skin!” she declares in Elle in 2013. So she tries to sing, it is even said for a time that she would have recorded two albums and signed with Jay-Z. We will never hear a single sound. In the cinema, he is given a golden bridge, but his choices turn out to be doubtful. Whatever she does, in the minds of the public (and agents), Cara may have officially retired from the catwalks in 2015, but she’s still a model. On the heart side, on the other hand, it is a hit!

After seducing a few fashionable boys, including singers Harry Styles and Jake Bugg, she quickly asserted her bisexuality, then her pansexuality, and turned to women. She manages to conquer the most beautiful (see box), but never for very long. By dint of wanting everything and its opposite, British chic and trash that stains when it suits her, fun while being taken seriously, sex galore and love, the top with fragile mental health seems to be a bit lost. He probably needed this phase to understand that even rough diamonds need to be cut, to make all their… Cara shine!

Depression and addictions, his big demons


I’m so deeply unhappy and alone”, confessed Cara in 2020 on the radio. Behind her frequent bursts of laughter, the top has never hidden that she had suffered from severe depression as a teenager. “I hated myself so much that I slapped myself. I even thought about ending it. I was prescribed antidepressants. It helped me, but did not allow me to get out of it. Then I smoked marijuana and took lots of other stuff that I don’t recommend, but I quickly realized that the drugs weighed me down. I gave the illusion of being well, but in my skin it was windy“, she confided to us three years ago. Since then, Cara has been fighting relapses regularly and does not hide it.

His career

2012: ANNA KARENINA Cara made her film debut playing a mute character in this Joe Wright film. It’s a part of his real dream come true.

2015: THE HIDDEN FACE OF MARGO A teen movie that echoes her life and shows how oppressive it is for a young woman to be the object of collective fascination.

2016: SUICIDE SQUAD Hollywood propels her to the credits of a blockbuster. For her second real role, the top is directly entitled to a DC Comics!

2017: VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS She holds the main role in what was to be Luc Besson’s SF film of the year. But the reception is more than mixed.

2019: CARNIVAL ROW She co-stars with Orlando Bloom in this fantastic series from Prime Video, season 2 of which has been shot, but still hasn’t been released!

2019: HER SMELL Cara plays a drummer opposite Ashley Benson who will become her sweetheart in this film from director Alex Ross Perry.

2022: ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING In the second season of this little nugget, Cara embodies an artist who will get closer to Selena Gomez and seduce her.

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