Cardarelli of Naples, emergency room “bursts” and 25 doctors resign: “Patients forced to wait hours”

NoonMay 4, 2022 – 4:15 pm

Letter with notice of resignation. The management: “Extraordinary pressure, we are suffering: many hospitals are still undergoing conversion after the Covid emergency”

from Angelo Agrippa

The Cardarelli emergency room in Naples bursts, with dozens and dozens of stretchers piled up in the waiting room, and 25 doctors of the ward registered a letter of notice of resignation this morning. An act of protest to denounce the serious situation in the emergency department of the largest hospital in the South. In the letter, doctors underline the serious situation of overcrowding, with patients having to wait hours before being examined. In recent days there have also been 170 accesses to the emergency room in a few hours, with the sick placed on stretchers without the right distance and without respect for privacy.

The picture

The photo that captures the sea of ​​stretchers piled up in the middle of the night alone denounces the suffering in which Cardarelli’s emergency room often swoops, whose managers, in recent months, have been forced several times, under the pressing pressure of access requests, to close the ward for a few hours. Last night this was the emergency department room. And the saddest fact is that the phenomenon is becoming chronic and without solutions. “Unfortunately – explains the director general of Cardarelli Peppe Longo – we suffer extraordinary pressure after the emergency of the Covid pandemic. This is also because many hospitals are still being converted, having been mostly occupied by infected patients, and are slowly vacating their wards. The Cardarelli Emergency Department, then, discounts the fact that we have at least 100 beds in pavilions H and N dedicated to Covid patients and therefore we can count on 100 fewer ordinary hospitalization places out of the total 1000 available. In short – clarifies the general manager – we are faced with a situation of objective suffering, with the health of the area that continues not to filter the flows directed to the hospitals, and the crisis that spills over to the emergency room, with the addition of emergency doctors who throughout Italy try to relocate elsewhere rather than remain in the forefront ».

The CGIL: “While Cardarelli implodes, the Polyclinic is empty”

The trade unions have been denouncing this unfortunate event for some time, but so far it has not been possible to see any remedy. “We are faced with a situation – reports Pino Visone, corporate delegate of the Cgil Public Function – which, although common to all the structures of Campania, and in particular of the metropolitan area, included in the emergency / urgency network, at Cardarelli ordinary boundaries and has become unmanageable, because policymakers niche and do not address the problem. The closure of many hospitals in the historic center has transformed this hospital into a receptacle for everything and more, with obvious and natural consequences on the interventions for patients ». Visone spares no accusations against the health organization: «While Cardarelli implodes – he adds – the university hospital is empty. What’s the point of all this? There was talk of the willingness and collaboration of universities to deal with the emergency, but we do not see anything. This step will ensure that a southern excellence is placed in the conditions of no longer being able to dispose of the high professional contribution of its operators, starting with doctors and nurses, at the service of the pressing and almost always extraordinary demand for people’s health. “. Obviously – specifies the CGIL representative – the notice of resignation is a political act, which arises as the penultimate ratio to impose a change, but it is not excluded that many of the doctors who wrote will ask to be transferred elsewhere in the coming days “.

The management of Cardarelli: solutions in a short time

The territorial health plan, which provides for the opening of 169 community houses, is contested by the Campania Region, given that it is not yet known with what funds it should be supported and above all how to recruit new staff. In a note, the management of Cardarelli, with regard to the hyper-influx that in these days is making the management of the emergency rooms particularly demanding, announces that it has “activated every possible measure aimed at decongesting the DEA and restoring normal activity in a short time“. Longo also specifies that “we have taken action both with regard to our internal organization, with the aim of making possible the greatest number of transfers from the emergency room to the various departments, and in concert with the local emergency network 118 to favor the transfer of patients to other structures in the area “. The objective of the strategic direction always remains that of allowing the Cardarelli emergency-urgency area to continue in an activity that is fundamental for the health needs of citizens, even in conditions of extraordinary pressure. «We are aware of the enormous work that weighs on all the staff, to which our thanks goand we will never stop working hard to ensure that this hospital is increasingly equipped to cope even with situations of extraordinary influx ».

The League: it is the sign of the failure of regional policy

The regional councilors of the Lega Gianpiero Zinzi, group leader and member of the health commission, and Severino Nappi, Neapolitan coordinator of the party also intervene on the serious crisis in the Cardarelli emergency room: “The state of Campania health care – they comment – is photographed by the incredible news that as many as 25 doctors in the emergency room of Cardarelli, the largest hospital in the South, have announced their resignation because, due to overcrowding, they are unable to guarantee adequate assistance to patients. A courageous act of denunciation for which we express our solidarity with the doctors and all the staff, together with the concern for the protection of citizens’ health. What is recorded at the Neapolitan hospital is just another chapter of the failure, also in the management of health care, by the current regional administration ». While the regional secretary of the Lega in Campania, Valentino Grant, and the parliamentarians of Campania Gianluca Cantalamessa, Pina Castiello, Francesco Urraro and Ugo Grassi announce: “We will act in all institutional settings to ask for explanations of how it is possible that some issues are not resolved for years. The perfect sanity that De Luca tells us is only on paper and in his imagination. The truth is that today we can count on good facilities and great medical excellence, but if you go to the emergency room, on some days, it’s like playing Lotto, you need to rely on luck and the good Lord. they remain the Achilles’ heel for all the citizens of Campania ».

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