Cardi B reveals the tattoo on her cheek: “It’s without filter, p******”

Cardi B recently took a trip to the tattoo artist. Having had her face inked, and more specifically her cheek, the rapper has just revealed the tattoo in question, in her own way.

Cardi B decidedly without filter

Red in color and taking up the first name of his son (Wave), the new tattoo of Cardi B continues to be the subject of comments on social networks. It must be said that the rapper did not take the time to put the forms by revealing this new tattoo: You so wanted me to be ugly, but I’m not. And I present it to you without filter, bitch. […] I got my son’s name tattooed because I love him, and I also got my daughter’s name tattooed. » In fact, Cardi joins the closed circle of rappers who have taken the plunge to get their face tattooed. Drake and Post Malone are among them, to name only the most famous.

To return to his new tattoos, the interpreter of WAP also had his daughter’s first name, Kulture, inked on a less visible spot, his arm, and in black ink. Paradoxically, some of the artist’s fans recalled a tweet she signed in 2021, thanking God for not getting a face tattoo: “Every day I’m grateful that I didn’t get that face tattoo I wanted when I was 16. »

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