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In recent years, my mental well-being has become a priority for me. I always look for ways to stay mentally stable. I began this process by entering a psychological therapy in 2019 and, after almost 4 years, it has been the best decision, since it has helped me to get to know myself from the conscious and rational side. However, I did not want to stay there, but to go more towards my spiritual side. I started practicing mindful breathing at home because it helped me sleep, but then I decided to try mindful breathing. cardiac coherence.

I arrived at the office talia schwartzmana nutritionist with an integral perspective, who is in charge of all this process of accompaniment to recognize the emotional energy. When it is on the positive side, it renews us and when it is on the negative side, it wears us down, so the purpose is to identify what were we thinking when we felt good in order to maintain it during the day and continue “vibrating high”.

I sat across from Talia, who placed a sensor called heartmath, which is measuring, through breathing, the energy of emotions. This is reflected on the computer screen through three colors:

  • Green: Related to positive emotions (happiness, enthusiasm, gratitude, hope, etc.)
  • Blue: Neutral emotions (frustration, desire, fear, etc.)
  • Red: Negative emotions (sadness, helplessness, resentment, hatred, etc.)

He began by asking me a series of questions such as: Why did you decide to come? Do you have anything you would like to comment on before starting? and then the first part of the session began. “Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by your mind, breathe and feel as if the air entered your chest through a tube”, Talia guided me. After a few minutes inhaling and exhaling, she told me that when she was ready, she would open her eyes to observe the result on the sensor.

By concentrating on my breathing I left my mind blank, I just focused on the air going in and out of my chest and reaching my mind. I opened my eyes and surprisingly the heartmath showed results in green, even when we talked at the beginning. She told me that everything she felt was very good, despite the fact that what we had talked about It was a situation that caused me a lot of stress.

Cardiac coherence games

In the second part of the session, Talia opened a couple of games on her computer for us to apply cardiac coherence in a more dynamic way. Nevertheless, I never thought it would be so complicated.

The first game consisted in that there was a black hole on the screen, through which the colors came out and through breathing it had to be green, but this time I had to keep my eyes open. I started in the same way as the first part, breathing and little by little I opened my eyes to observe how my energy changed.

At one point, my mind drifted to other thoughts and green began to change to blue. Talia told me to close my eyes again and think of a beautiful moment: me on the beach or in a place where I enjoyed being with the people I loved. Little by little it was changing to green again.

The second game consisted of painting a landscape of a forest through breathing. I started the same way and when I opened my eyes, I realized that little by little the landscape of a forest became colorful. the truth at the beginning I felt a bit insecure, because of what had happened with the other game, but I finally got it done.

I understood that for our emotions to “stay green” in our day to day we must have thoughts that make us feel at peace and calm, so we must learn to recognize them in order to apply them and be able to live happier.

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