Carlos Correa looked ready for 2024 MLB

January is approaching and with it comes the resumption of activities, all with the goal of returning the world to a sense of normality. There is no rest on the baseball field. Major league players are constantly in search of their optimal form.

Some have chosen to remain active in the winter baseball of their countries, and players of other nationalities are serving as reinforcements in the aforementioned leagues.

Carlos Correa unveils MLB 2024

The Ponce, Puerto Rico native has always been a symbol of power in Major League Baseball. Since their debut in 2015 as part of Houston Astros (seven seasons) until 2023 from Minnesota Twinstheir batting averages have been average except for 2017 when their ceiling hit .315.

However, injuries knocked on his door and kept him out of several games. Despite this, Carlos Correa does not lead to such a situation, therefore it remains in constant activity throughout 2024.

With his characteristic smile, the Puerto Rican showed off his good shots and adjustments to achieve the goal. Major League Baseball.

We know what he’s capable of Belttherefore, this snack created increased expectations for its development in the future harvest.

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