Carlos Lazo already has a Rapid Response Group for his pro-regime caravans in Miami

Pro-Cuban regime activist in the US Carlos Lazo announced a new caravan in Miami for next Sunday to demand that the White House repeal the sanctions against Havana, that this time will have as a particularity the presence of a group that will protect them from aggressions of the part of the exile that disapproves of such public activities.

During one of the direct ones he does through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube the creator of the NGO Puentes de Amor, with which he lobbies in favor of the island’s regime under the presumed desire to defend the Cuban familyLazo gave the floor to Cuban émigré Roberto Yisresponsible for that “protection” group, whom he presented as “dear and never well-considered” and “member of the board of directors of the caravan in Miami.”

Yis said that “for some time now we have been victims of some verbal aggression, and they go too far yelling thingsyelling insults at us, and we stoically answer absolutely nothing to anyone,” he said, referring to the exile groups that question them.

“Because we are not going to go down one step of culture to fall into the basement of lowliness. We cannot afford to go to their level and respond with the same insults,” he commented.

“We have a small group called The Guardians of Peace, who will be in charge of maintaining discipline within the caravan. We are going to maintain discipline there, we are going to do whatever is necessary to avoid any confrontation,” said Yis, who said that the organizers have already notified the Police and the FBI of their initiative.

“For those across the street, we are not going there to discuss any political position with you. We respect your political position. (…) We are not going to fight with you there. We are there with a constitutional right to ask this government to fulfill its electoral promiseswho have deceived us and told us lies,” he claimed.

Yis indicated that he has been a “lifelong athlete, combat sportsand they can yell at me whatever they want and I’m not going to answer them”.

Curiously, The Cuban regime usually organizes mobs that it offers as a common people to rebuke, attack and harass its critics. In addition, it uses what it calls Rapid Response Groups as paramilitary shock troops precisely to prevent Cubans from exercising the right that Yis claims.

After Yis’ last sentence, Lazo interrupted him: “First, we are not going to answer. Second, we are not going to respond to physical provocation or any kind of provocation. The authorities are there.”

The leader of Puentes de Amor, a Cuban émigré who frequently travels to Cuba and meets with authorities and spokesmen for the regime, including Miguel Díaz-Canelcalled on his followers to demonstrate around the world and also to tweet in favor of eliminating the sanctions against Havana, which he describes as “economic war against the people of Cuba.”

Lazo’s initiatives receive enormous attention from the official media of the Cuban regimewhich also tends to underline the expressions of rejection that they reap as attacks by promoters of hate.

In 2021 it was revealed that Lazo operates Puentes de Amor as a joint NGO with employees of Cuban-American businessman Hugo Cancio, also related to the Havana regime.

Bridges of Love, which both Lazo and the official Cuban press present as a “solidarity initiative”and which has developed several campaigns in favor of rapprochement between Washington and Havana, is registered as a non-profit entity in the Washington State business directorywhere Lazo resides.

According to the information therein, the license to operate was granted in November 2020, and in addition to Lazo it is directed by Nadia Delgado, a Cuban resident in Seattle and her sister-in-law; Collin Laverty and Milena Recio.

Recio is a Cuban journalist who was working when Puentes de Amor’s license was issued as editor of the media OnCubaowned by Hugo Cancio, who is accredited on the Island and is based in Havana.

For his part, Laverty chairs the Cuba Educational Travel company, which organizes private trips to Cuba, and is one of the directors of Havana Strategies, a Miami-based consulting firm for entrepreneurs interested in investing on the island.

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