Carlos Vasallo trusts in a miracle for ex Susana Dosamantes

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Although the love story between Carlos Vasallo and Susana Dosamantes it was written many years ago, its significance continues to this day, so the businessman came out to talk about the difficult moment the actress is facing and ask for respect, because she has always been a woman free of scandals.

The Spanish businessman, who is currently CEO of América TV, one of the most important channels in the United States, shared the health status of Susana Dosamantes, with whom he was married for many years and with whom he still maintains a good friendship, as well as with Paulina Rubio.

The actress has been hospitalized in Miami for a few days, due to aggressive pancreatic cancer; his daughter Paulina Rubio has been watching her, despite the fact that she has the “Perrísimas” tour next to Alejandra Guzmán.

Paulina Rubio has been by her mother’s side

“It is a subject that is not much to talk about. Obviously she did not feel well and the end result is what it has been, but she is with the best doctors and treatment It may exist in South Florida. She is a strong and fighter woman and she is going to get ahead, “said Vasallo, during an interview with the program”GossipNoLike“.

“In life there are miracles, but miracles are usually done”, pointed out the businessman, who did not like anything that the news of the illness of the protagonists of “Blacker than the night” will be revealed, because he considers that silence is the best thing for her at this time.

“I don’t think the news had to be given before she was cured, because we have hope that she will be cured. I don’t like them gossiping about Susana because she was never involved in that,” explained the businessman, who was also married to Tere Velázquez, actress of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

businessman Carlos Vasallo

With a broken voice, Vassal shared his feelings by pointing out that “She was a woman, important in my life and I wish her to live as long as possible and not leave me alone in this world, because, even from afar, one hopes that the people who are important in our lives have the good faith to wait a little longer”.

Carlos Vasallo was married for several years to the actress until it is said, I arrive Maribel Guardia and became the third in discord breaking the sentimental relationship.

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