Carlos Vives, friend of Shakira, confesses the state in which the singer is after separating from Piqué


Shakira He is going through a complicated moment on a personal level after confirming his separation with Gerard Piqué. The Colombian singer lives a hard process after a 12-year relationship in which she had two children in common with the Catalan soccer player.

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Carlos Vivesauthor of the song ‘La Bicicleta’ together with Shakirarevealed the emotional state of her great friend at the celebration of 30 years of the musical radio station ‘Cadena’.

“He is sad. He is having a very difficult time, ”said the coffee artist about his compatriot, with whom he collaborated on one of the hits that he was most attached to in 2017.

Carlos Vives was also asked about the alleged indidelity of Pique and he only had good words for the defender of the Barcelonawhom he has known for the last few years.

”No, no, no… The one I knew, no. He is a very polite person, very decent. He was always very special with me, as we love Shaki very much, he was always very upfront with me, because of that affection,” he commented.

Carlos Vives, friend of Shakira, confesses the state in which the singer is after separating from Piqué

Finally, do you live Describe your relationship with Shakira. ” I saw her grow up, for me she was always a source of pride because I saw how much of a warrior she always was. She is a faithful person, a cute friend, a beautiful human being, as well as a good artist.”

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After the media separation, both Shakira What Pique They try to get their lives back to normal. The footballer could be seen this weekend in London on the occasion of the start of Wimbledon.

Shakira, meanwhile, tries to get away from the harassment of some of his followers. He has reported to the authorities the messages that were written on the street in front of his house. This would only motivate the desire to leave Barcelona to move to Miami as soon as possible.

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