Carmen Salinas and Felipe Cazals, this is how they were remembered during the Oscars

Carmen Salinaswho died at the age of 82, not only stood out on television, theater and as a singer, he also excelled in the cinema and excelled in Hollywood through the film man on fire (2004), along with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanningunder the direction of the also deceased Tony Scott.

Carmen Salinas
Carmen Salinas received a posthumous tribute during the 94th Oscar delivery.

“I feel very proud that Hollywood comes to me, because I went to audition along with other actresses,” she said. Salinas to the press regarding that opportunity at the time.

Even, Carmen Salinas He joined the United States Actors Guild in 2021, so he was part of the qualifying jury for the Oscar-nominated films this year and would have been able to vote for the winners.

Philip Cazals
Mexican filmmaker Felipe Cazals was remembered during the Oscar awards ceremony.

Philip Cazals he died at the age of 84. He was one of the most recognized Mexican film directors thanks to films like Canoe: memory of a shameful event (1976), in which he recreated the lynching of some workers at the University of Puebla, which occurred in 1968. They were mistaken for communists in the town of San Miguel Canoa.

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