Celebrities pray for the DR and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona

The hurricane fiona It passed through the Caribbean leaving a trail of destruction, displaced people and several deaths. In the Dominican Republic, two people died and more than 12,485 were displaced, in addition, it left 2,497 homes damaged and more than 1.1 million users without drinking water.

This desolate panorama was also experienced by the island of Puerto Rico. Two dead people. No electricity or drinking water. With streets cut off by trees uprooted by the wind, isolated municipalities, houses under water due to overflowing rivers and hundreds of rescue requests on social media, the Caribbean country is experiencing one of its worst crises.

This situation has not left artists both from these islands and internationally indifferent, who have not stopped offering prayers for the Caribbean nations, in addition to channeling aid to send it to those in need.

One of them was Jennifer Lopez. The Latin diva of American origin went to her Instagram stories to request help and ask that those affected by the passage of the natural phenomenon be kept in prayer.

“It’s really important that we know how to help our families in Puerto Rico and now in the Dominican Republic. I am in contact with members of the foundation Hispanic federation to advise me on what is really needed for the people of the islands,” wrote the singer and actress along with a link where aid can be channeled through the organization.

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In order: Front row: Rosalía, Zoé Saldaña, Romeo Santos, Jennifer López and Lily Goodman. Below the singers Ricky Martin, Manuel Turizo, Maluma, Prince Royce and J Balvin. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Another who was not indifferent to the situation in the Caribbean countries was the Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalía. She wrote the following: “A lot of strength RD and PR”, through her Instagram stories.

Prince Royce shared that his prayers are with those affected in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Dominican Christian singer Lily Goodman joined the prayers for the country where she was born. “Let’s pray for the Dominican Republic,” she posted on her Instagram stories along with an image of the tricolor flag.

Solidarity as always, singer Ricky Martin also extended his prayers to Dominicans and his fellow Puerto Ricans. “Strength Puerto Rico and strength to our brothers in the Dominican Republic”.

Celebrities who share the Puerto Rican and Dominican nationalities came out to show solidarity for both nations. Romeo Santos was one of them. “In my prayers,” he wrote with two posts bearing the flags of the countries that gave birth to his parents. So did Zoé Sladaña, a Hollywood actress through whose veins the blood of both nations flows. The interpreter shared information on where and how to help the displaced. In addition, to highlight the damage caused by the storm in both nations.

International urbanites stand in solidarity

Colombian urban singers Maluma, Manuel Turizo and J Balvin also used their Instagram stories to ask for prayers for the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“A lot of strength PR and RD,” wrote Turizo, while Maluma and J Balvin pointed out that they have in their prayers both Puerto Rico like the Dominican Republic.

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