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Celebrities told what is the hardest part of motherhood

The world of fame is not rosy or immersed in absolute happiness 24 hours a day. The maternity of the celebrities It is an example of how hard it can be to be always so exposed to all kinds of opinions.

These mothers decide to say it out loud so that those of us who are not on that side of the coin can see that we are not as different as we think.

Angelina Jolie and her children Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, Maddox, Pax and Zahara

Celebrities who fulfill their role as mothers usually show their Instagram followers, a social network known for showing the perfection of our lives, the day to day with their children.

Perfect pregnancies, births and upbringings that show how great they look all the time and how on many occasions they recover a “perfect” figure instantly.


But reality appears when the daily routine, their vacations in which they are always seen with their hair combed, well dressed and showing the best smile come to an end. That is why many Well-known mothers have put appearances aside and talked about what really happens to them with their children.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with their twins, David and Emme

the singer has twins with Puerto Rican Marc Anthony, they are David and Emme, who are currently 14 years old. Both They are going through adolescence, a very hard stage in the growth of our children.

For Jennifer, being a mother “is being strong enough to let them go, to let them have their moment, and to let them see you, criticize you, and make fun of you. All those things that teenagers do to their parents,” he confessed in an interview.

It is that, it is during adolescence where they begin to know each other, to choose what they prefer or what they do not like. Even the future decisions of adulthood begin to hover in their daily conversations.

Celebrities and motherhood in the most complex days

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm

The famous businesswoman, queen of social networks had four children with Kanye West: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. The 4 have various ages, nine, six, four and three years old, which has been teaching Kim to know different moments or stages of her little ones.

Difficulties arise when, being still very young, all four of them need it simultaneously and begin to cry, which for the socialite “can be very overwhelming at times.”

Motherhood is a challenge from gestation


Adele pregnant

The British singer had a very complex pregnancy, as she suffered from postpartum depression. For Adele, everything starts from the first minute of pregnancy.

Adele confessed in the magazine “Vanity Fair” that during the pregnancy she was obsessed with her baby, which brought her many negative thoughts.

“Finally I thought it was best to give myself an afternoon or a week to do whatever I wanted without my baby. Four of my friends felt the same way and they were all embarrassed to talk about it in case others thought they were bad mothers.”

Adele and her son Angelo

And she advised that spending time or doing things for oneself helps to be better mothers and feel better.

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