celebrities who dared to wear skirts, dresses and makeup

Who said that fashion was divided by gender? These celebrities are taking care of erasing this stigma, wearing fashion ‘different’ to the red carpets, daring to break with the lines set by society, Bad Bunny, Harry Styles Y Johnny Depp They showed that fashion is for everyone, it is not divided.

During the fashion week there were two great protagonists who managed to take the eyes of the people, Robert Pattinson who attended the parade Dior in a blue pleated skirt with glitter, black boots and a brown jacket.

The actor who played Edward Cullen In the twilight saga, he also signed a juicy agreement with 12 million dollars for the fragrance line, in addition to being one of the famous favorites of the French brand.

Another celebrity who stole the public eye was the singer J Balvinwho again bet on a skirt, with a style quite similar to that of the famous ‘vampire’, the difference was in the colors that each one opted for, while pattinson occupied darker colors, the reggaetonero surprised with a look that recovered different shades of coffee with high boots, a blazer, skirt and futuristic glasses.

This is not the first time that Balvin has used a skirt for a catwalk or event, well, he did the same for Balenciaga and Louis Vuittonof whom she has also been a model on her catwalks as well as for Moschino.

Celebrities who broke with male fashion stereotypes

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp He has already made eyeliner an emblem of his looks and it is usual to see him with a slight black color surrounding his eyes and adding that power to his look.

Harry Styles

The former member of one direction she knows how to look elegant and fashionable with different looks, she has also shown that she is not afraid of ‘feminine’ clothes because she has dared to use dresses, makeup and colorful boas.

Bad Bunny

Despite the controversies in which he has been involved lately, reaching the point of keeping his social networks private, Bad Bunny He also joined the list of celebrities who do not care what they say and has used clothes such as dresses and ornate hairstyles, so he boasted during the Met Gala.

sam smith

sam smith not only does she wear dresses but she makes them hers, she adds an air that ends up being liberating, it is a symbol that break the barriers that society itself imposed on clothing and shows that these large-volume garments can be for men.

Billy Porter

It would be weird not to see Billy Porter with a dress, because whenever he attends various galas, the 53-year-old actor boasts impressive dresses that scream elegance, at least in most of them. He knows how to show off with the combination between dresses and tuxedos.

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