Celia Lora with her beauty blends perfectly with the landscape

The beautiful mexican modelCelia Lora, really enjoys traveling around the world, however, she also likes traveling around her country a lot, this time she visited Acapulco Guerrero and of course he had to take a few pictures of you from there.

It is an entertainment piece placed in your Instagram official, a snapshot where the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican rock band El Tri, is dedicated to posing right in front of an incredible landscape, a paradise.

But to her fans she was the true scenery herself, blending seamlessly with the beauty of the place, wearing a pretty beach dress with green nature print, she really looks spectacular.

There were more than 43,000 likes in a few hours, a whole sample of what the influencer She has everything to continue succeeding on social networks, she has the attention of those millions of followers, who have been supporting her at all times and above all appreciating the beautiful content she shares.

We know very well that this social network account is a little less free than what you can do on Twitter, for example, where you give us a little taste of your contents from subscription monthlywhich has dedicated a lot of time and effort.


Celia Lora / Instagram

Celia Lora is ready to continue sharing her best content with her followers.

Celia Lora has become an excellent content creator, not only is she famous but she herself has made her way into the world of modeling, she has even worked with some of the most famous magazines in the world, such as the rabbit magazine , in which, by the way, she has a project pending for the cover in the United States, being the first Mexican model to achieve this.

Also a few months ago she was on the cover for Mexico, turning 10 years working with them and showing that it really is her passion, she has even told us that since she was very little she was always thinking that one day she wanted to model just like the girls she saw working there.

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