Cgcom and Farmaindustria join forces to promote research

Juan Yermo, CEO of Farmaindustria; and Tomás Cobo, president of Cgcom.

The General Council of Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom) and the National Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Farmaindustria) have signed this Thursday, January 26, a collaboration agreement with the aim of establishing a scientific and technical cooperation framework that promotes research, training and dissemination in health and medicines in our country.

Based on their objectives, both institutions carry out joint activities aimed at promoting the transfer of knowledge “in the field of health sciences, health care, pharmacotherapy, medicines, biomedical research and the management of health services, from a medical, professional and independent perspective, based on ethical and deontological principles” , details the document.

Among the actions framed in the agreement to achieve the pursued objectives, the conducting studies or training activities related to clinical research and translational; medicines and their contribution to the health care and well-being of patients; improvements in the effectiveness of treatments and therapeutic adherence, or health outcomes.

Monitoring commission

The president of Cgcom, Tomás Cobo, and the general director of Farmaindustria, Juan Yermo, have signed this agreement on behalf of their respective institutions. The agreement establishes the creation of a Joint Monitoring Commission In addition to the signatories of the agreement, the second vice president of Cgcom, Manuela García Romero, and the director of the Department of Autonomous Communities of Farmaindustria, José Ramón Luis-Yagüe, will be part of it.

“This agreement is absolutely fundamental because it represents a great boost in one of the main lines of action of our corporation: the promotion of medical training and the acquisition of skills. For the General Council of Physicians, it is a priority to promote research and transfer of knowledge to guarantee the training of competent doctors and facilitate their professional development through initiatives that are governed by social responsibility, professionalism and the values ​​of Medicine, in order to achieve continuous improvement in the care our patients receive”, Cobo values.

“In addition, this collaboration is in line with the European standards for continuing medical education and continuous professional development by following the criteria and procedures of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) for the accreditation of training activities”, highlights Cobo.

therapeutic progress

“In the pharmaceutical industry we are convinced of the necessity, legitimacy and overall benefit of collaboration with healthcare organizations and professionals, essential for therapeutic progress and to advance the quality of health care. Neither the research and development of medicines nor their proper use would be possible under current terms without the constant interaction between pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and the health system, also counting on the necessary participation of patients”, stresses the CEO of Farmaindustria.

“This agreement is part of the commitment of the innovative pharmaceutical industry to contribute to the well-being of our society making available to the health system and its professionals new medicines that allow an increasingly effective response to the health problems of our patients”, adds Yermo.

Finally, this agreement provides for collaboration with other institutionsfoundations, scientific societies or research centers, both public and private, prior agreement between both parties.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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