Chapo Montes would leave León and his future could be in a big Liga MX


Luis Montes would not continue at Club León and there are already teams that show interest in his record.

Chapo Montes, close to a Liga MX great
© picture 7Chapo Montes, close to a Liga MX great

Talk about Louis Montes is to refer to one of the most talented players ever seen on a Liga MX playing field in recent years. With 35 yearscontinues to make a difference every time he takes the ball with his prestigious left foot and has been a fundamental element in every achievement of the Lion Club. Nevertheless, It seems that his time is up in the emerald institution…

El Chapo has lost a lot of prominence in La Fiera since the departure of Ignacio Ambriz, so there is a great unknown with what will happen in his near future. Since he is public knowledge, He has a contract with the club until June 30, 2022 and everything seems to indicate that he will not extend his bond. In this way, will become a free agent and you can sign for free with any interested party.

According to the information provided by Halftime in the Filtered Touch column, the playmaker’s output is becoming stronger and within the directive they have already formed the idea that their era is over. Despite being one of the great idols of the institution in recent years, they wouldn’t make an effort to hold it and they would facilitate his arrival at another Liga MX team.

Of course, girlfriends are not going to miss Chapo Montes and the source assured that there are already 3 interested in his pass. Pumas UNAM, Mazatlán and Tijuana are “some” of those who are ready to prepare a formal offer to the player and hire him for free for the Opening Tournament 2022. If you choose those from Pedregal, He would play in a big Mexican for the first time in his career at 35 years oldafter being linked to America and Guadalajara so many times.

Chapo trained in the Basic Forces of Indians of Ciudad Juarez and quickly caught the attention of Pachucaa club with which he signed in January 2007. In July 2011 he made one of the best decisions of his life: to go to Lion. Since then he has worn the Panzas Verdes shirt and has become one of the best players in the country. Harvest 4 Liga MX titles: 1 with Tuzos and 3 with the Esmeraldas.

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