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Best white laundry detergent OCU

Best White Washing Powder OCU

When we buy White clothes, it is normal to want the fabric to remain flawless over time. Today many people tell their tricks on social networks to consult about best detergents from stains on white fabrics. However, we want to tell you what experts say about Organization of consumers and users (OCU) about this topic of interest to consumers.

And we like it more or less, wash It is part of our daily life. Depending on the family members, it should be done more or less often, but it is always on the list of things to do during the week.

For this reason OCU wanted to inform consumers about the best detergents on the market. In this case, they focused on recommending those most effective against stains on white clothing.and also the most economical.

Which detergent for white clothes is best according to OCU?

“The best white washing powders they contain whitening “This can ruin the color of the clothes, so there is no choice,” the OCU explains. And many supermarkets sell items that match whites and colors, although experts advise avoiding mixing different clothes.

Best white laundry detergent OCU
Best White Washing Powder OCU

In addition, they warn that good detergent for white clothes It should prevent clothing from darkening and achieve the desired whiteness. On the other hand, they argue that achieving the desired whiteness is difficult, especially if the fabric is made from cotton or a cotton-polyester blend.

However, in the analysis of supermarkets in Spain they are positioned one above the others: Esselt Eco refills Aldi’s all-purpose detergent. The supermarket took first place for its high stain-fighting effectiveness and high whiteness rating. Its price 3.29 euro container 30 washes.

Other popular detergent options

In addition to the white washing powder from the Aldi supermarket, OCU has given the correct rating to other white label products. For example, detergent Formil White clothing super concentrate from Lidl.which is currently worth 3.49 euro (0.12 euros per wash).

According to experts, this product is very effective against stains, especially oily ones. In addition, it is exceptionally white, is one of the cheapest and has good value for money.

Finally, on the list we also find detergent. Carrefour Expert Optimal purity Alpine freshnesswith price 9.25-9.95 euros (0.14 euros per wash). On this occasion, they emphasize that it effectively removes most stains, provides exceptional whiteness without damaging the color of the clothes, and has a low environmental impact due to its composition.

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