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Like every weekend, ONCE Sueldazo is back. Now you can check if your coupon was among the lucky ones. Today, Sunday, June 30, 2024, Sueldazo’s winning number is 07891 from series 004.

How to take part in the Sueldazo giveaway

To compete in ONE TIME Sueldazo There are 2 options. One of them is to go to the kiosks to buy tickets, which cost two euros. The second option is to go to the official website and go to Big weekend sale. Next you will need to select random numbers or choose numbers from combinations for the draw. The coupon is then added to your cart and a confirmation email is sent. When the game starts, you will receive an email with the winning combination.

What you should know about the giveaway

Every weekend, ELEVEN celebrates Sueldazo. Participants will be entitled to a first prize of up to €5,000 per month for twenty years, as well as €300,000 in cash. Four second places at once, 2000 each. per month for 10 years. The winning coupon is formed from a combination of 5 digits ranging from 00000 to 99999 and a series of three digits that must match the first draw. Thus, four second prizes match the following 4 extracts.

Check the results of all lotteries on to see if you won any prizes in the following games: ONCE, Bonoloto, Primitiva, Euromillions and National Lottery.

Note. is not responsible for errors or omissions in the results of the ONCE drawings. The only official results are those published by the National Organization of Spanish Blinds (ONCE).

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