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The recipes of the meals vary depending on the person behind the preparation. However, to make a specific dish you always have to follow certain instructions or have some key ingredients.

And as we all know, in Chile empanadas are made from a dough that can generally wrap meat or cheese.

But a chef completely changed the recipe to make this typical food from our country and it caused quite a stir on TikTok.

The curious recipe for “empanadas” that went viral

The user ScubesKitchen was the one who surprised all Chileans with his steps and ingredients to make empanadas.

According to him, this traditional dish of our country is made with bread that has to be cut so that it is hollow in the center. To later have to fill it using sardines, garlic, tomato sauce and chili:


National food of Chile #fyp #foryou #chile

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It must be clarified that, as his description on TikTok indicates, he is a chef who makes fun content for social networks.

In fact, on his profile on the social network he says: “Broken recipes and kitchen comedy.” So his way of making empanadas was exactly so that people would be horrified.

And he did it successfully, since it was filled with comments from Chilean men and women.

«A fan of Adam Levine obviously», «Empanadas in Talca», «Brother, you confused the empanadas with the sushipletos», «when I went to Chile I tried them and they are the same as in your video, greetings from Valdivia, Nigeria», « I only saw the beginning and realized that this is not an empanada”, are some of the sayings they left on TikTok.

However, some users were willing to try this way of making empanadas. And would you try them?

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