Children of Roberto Clemente sue the government for using their father’s image on the label and tablets without their authorization

The children of the late baseball star Robert Clement sued the governor Peter Pierluisiother officials and the island government for using the image of his father on the license plates of motor vehicles without his authorization.

Among the requested remedies, Clemente’s children They ask the federal court for compensation of at least $45 million for damages to the companies that manage the brand and image of Roberto Clemente.

Roberto Clemente Jr., Luis Roberto Clemente and Roberto Enrique Clemente denounced that both they and the entities that manage with the name of their father have been affected by the negative publicity they have faced since the public thought they would benefit from the collections of the labels and tablets.

In the lawsuit they report that since 2021 the use of Clemente’s image was approved with the number 21 -which he wore on his shirt as a player- among other allusions to the player who tragically died in 1972, after achieving 3,000 hits in the Major Leagues, and was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame.

The document indicates that from the label and tablet with the image of Clemente, the government reported that it hopes to collect $15 million, which will benefit what officials have identified as the Roberto Clemente Fund, which is unknown, among other areas.

The plaintiffs noted that “none of this was authorized” by them nor “are they involved in any way in these actions by the defendants.”

They assured that none of the collections was consulted or approved by the plaintiffs.

They stated, however, that since the public knows that they manage the image of their father, “the people of Puerto Rico necessarily inferred that the plaintiffs are beneficiaries of some economic benefit from the scheme that was devised by the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico and implemented by the defendants”.

“The people rightly rejected the imposition of a charge for the use of the Roberto Clemente brand and image on vehicle certification plates and labels, at a time when our economy suffers and the cost of living in Puerto Rico increases every year. day,” he added.

They also denounced that through a new law, the Department of Recreation and Sports will contribute $150,000 annually to the Convention District, which will now manage the properties that for decades were the Roberto Clemente City -which had fallen into disuse- and which will now be called the Roberto Clemente Sports District.

“All this, illegally using the name of the Roberto Clemente brand,” the lawsuit states.

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