China bans broadcasting of video games not approved by the country’s authorities

Beijing continues to regulate internet content while reminding streamers to avoid ‘unwanted behaviour’.

The Chinese government offensive against the video game industry has been harassing players in the country for a long time, with restrictions such as those aimed at access to the media for minors, limiting online entertainment to the youngest to three business hours, forcing companies in the sector to ensure compliance with the normative.

As reported by Reuters and shared by PC Gamer, the country’s National Radio and Television Administration has prohibited live broadcasts of unauthorized video games by the government for publication in China, as well as those eSports streams and competitions coming from outside the country of those unapproved games.

These days, it’s common to find non-government-approved game streams on streaming platforms like Huya, DouYu and Bilibili. This is the case of Elden Ring, which, as the Niko Partners analyst explained, Daniel Ahmadhas been a success on the platforms which managed to accumulate an average of 17.1 million daily viewers in its first week on the market and which would disappear from them if this restriction was met.

Elden Ring has been a success on platforms like Huya, DouYu and BilibiliSince the government has not limited itself to blocking this unauthorized content, they have also sent a message to streamers to avoid ‘unwanted behavior’, as well as reminding them to interact with viewers in a ‘civilized and healthy’ manner. The Chinese government has appealed to “the need to take urgent measures to strictly regulate” issues such as “chaotic live broadcasts and teen addiction to videogames”. The country’s restrictions collide with the growth of national companies in the sector, with Tencent entering 33,000 million dollars from video games in 2021, becoming the number one company in the industry.

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