Chivas throws indirect and asks that they not compare Pável Pérez with Pedri

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Once a comment by Paco Gabriel de Anda went viralcurrent sports analyst ESPNwhere you compare the level of Sebastian Cordova with the soccer player Barcelona, pedriThis was harnessed by Chivas to troll the former soccer player.

And it is that this Tuesday night, the name of Pavel Perez was put in the spotlight, thanks to that the rojiblanco youth squad scored a great goal from outside the box Tijuanawhich was worth the Sacred Flock spin their second victory.

Given this, in the official account of Chivas a post appeared in which Pável Pérez is seen running to celebrate his goalbut not only that, but is accompanied by the next text.

Don’t even start comparing him with Pedri“, wrote the club from Guadalajara, in clear reference to the declaration of Paco Gabriel deAndawhich provoked endless comments and that the publication will exceed 5 thousand likes within hours.

What did Paco Gabriel de Anda say?

During a debate between Paco de Anda Y Mauricio Ymaythe first referred to the football level between Sebastian Cordova Y pedri It’s similar.

During the Olympic Games Pedri was compared to Córdova and I said: ‘Córdova doesn’t ask Pedri for anything’. How many goals outside the area does Pedri have? Only one in his career! With the right leg because we don’t even talk about the left, now tell me how many Córdova has, many more and with both profiles“, said Paco.

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