Chivas will be able to count on Alexis Vega in the Quarter Round against Atlas

Guadalajara Jalisco /

Chivas striker Alexis Vega will have no problem competing the second leg of the quarterfinals against Atlasbecause the scare was in a simple blow.

Alexis complained in the Ida of the duel that Guadalajara fell 2-1 with Atlas, and he was relieved by Ángel Zaldivar at minute 67 on the pitch at Akron Stadium.

“Alexis sallied exchange at 67′ for a discomfort in the right side of the hip, which set off the alarms in Chiverío; after giving his place to Ángel Zaldívar, the attacker was treated by the medical staff of the Rebañowhich quickly placed ice on the affected area”, announced Chivas.

This Friday, Vega was checked and only has the bump on the hipand will be able to play on Sunday at the Jalisco Stadium.

“Well, luckily for everyone, the condition was in a strong blowso the 10 of the Chivas yes, he will be able to play the Vuelta match against the rojinegros. Yes, just as you read it, Alexis Vega will surely have minutes at the close of the Quarterfinals, which contributes to the hope of a comeback for all the Chivaherman@s”, concluded the club.

Chivas’ only casualty

Thus, the single low to seek the comeback against Atlas is that of Jesus Ricardo Angle, operated on the right ankle. Notably Chivas is bound to win by two goalsit is Of diference and not receive touchdowns from the Foxes.

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