Chris Evans: Are you trying to set me up with Shakira?

ANDthe actor Chris Evans is promoting his new film Lightyear’ which opens worldwide on June 17, and already they asked him about Shakira on the red carpet at the movie premiere. However, a Chilean journalist went a little further by showing him some memes of the love triangle with henry cavill. Evans initially laughed at the footage he was shown, but then got a little embarrassed.

Evans didn’t expect to draw so much attention for following one of the biggest pop stars on the planet on Instagram. and she was a Latin American journalist who pressed him deeply on this issue. Countless fans of Shakira they are supporting her to find love again and this journalist is doing their bidding.

What exactly did Chris Evans say?

It all happened during an interview in which a Chilean journalist initially asked him a simple question about the whole thing. Evans was asked if he was aware of this ruckus or if he would be interested in dating Shakira. When the memes were shownChris laughed more with one in which he and Henry Cavill are in a ‘Civil War’ over Shakira.

Then the journalist told Chris that he could connect him with Shakira if he was interested, and so he replied Chris Evans: “I wasn’t aware, I don’t think I spend a lot of time on social media, but she’s spectacular. Would you date Shakira? Are you trying to hook me up with Shakira? Oh man, that may be too much for the camera.”

When Chris Evans He said that, clearly he was already a little blushed from so much pressure. But he wanted to talk about this off-camera, just to really see what all the fuss is about. Yes Shakira it didn’t have your attention then, it has now.

Don’t be surprised if in a few months we see Chris Evans dating her because, as far as we’re concerned, he’s single. There were rumors that he was dating actress Alba Baptista, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Unlike Henry Cavill, Chris can definitely slip into the DMs of Shakira and see if anything is possible with it.

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