Christian Nodal meets with Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González in the famous Jalisco cafe

On the afternoon of this Sunday, June 12, an unexpected meeting took place in a famous café in Jaliscoafter Christian Nodal he met with Vicente Fernandez Jr. and his girlfriend, Mariana Gonzaleza moment that was shared by the influencer through her Instagram account.

After Nodal has been in the public eye for weeks, the singer apparently had the opportunity to enjoy this afternoon walking through Jalisco, so one of the mandatory visits was the Coffee broscowhich belongs to the children of Vicente Fernández Jr.

Nodal, Fernández Jr. and his girlfriend share coffee

Through a simple message, Mariana Gonzalez described his encounter with Nodal: “I love its simplicity in the best coffee in Guadalajara”, which generated a series of comments from its followers.

Christian Nodal, Mariana González and Vicente Fernández Jr. met at the Café Brosco. Photo: Instagram

However, there were those who were amused by the fact that Vicente Fernandez Jr. he looked estranged from his girlfriend and Nodallike the user “73raulsal”, who commented: “what do you tell Vicente all the way that you are going to ruin the photo (sic)”.

The truth is Christian Nodal would have taken a break, after the conflicts he carried out with J Balvin and in the face of criticism for her new look, but also for the alleged rumors of her new courtship.

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