Cimarrones, the cradle of Montes and three more jewels that emigrated to Europe Halftime

Sonoran Maroons ‘unexpectedly’ became a hotbed
of talentsWell, with the signing of César Montes with Espanyol, there are already four footballers born in their youth academy who are now mexicans who play in Europe.

The Puppyborn in Hermosillo, Sonora, He joined the team in 2013 when Cimarrones was called Rayos del Poblado Miguel Alemán FC in the Third Division, where he played 24 games, totaling 2,160 minutes and even scored five goals.

It was precisely in that year when Montes faced striped of the Third Division and it was there that the viewers of the Gang saw it, and in 2014 they took it to be part of the Sub 17 and Sub 20 of Monterrey; after in 2015 it Antonio debuted mohammed in the first team, being also the author of the first goal in the Steel Giant.

After all this time in Rayados, César Montes finally emigrated a Europe; First, the royal board rejected an offer from Russia, but after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar they agreed to negotiate with the Spanishwhere he already debuted this weekend.

“We are very happy for the players who have come out of the selection process. maroonsmakes us happy, at the same time challengedWe don’t want it to be something that happened and not happen again, we want that follow giving himself that hotbedthat exit of players ”.

“It is not easy, but we want it to be a quality and a essence of Maroons, give young people a chanceto be able to empower them and give their best to be in elite football,” he said. Peter Beltrano, sports director from Cimarrones, to halftime.

What other players are homegrown players for Cimarrones?

Johan Vasquez He was the first of the youth squads from Cimarrones to emigrate to Europehe did it in 2021 to Genoa and in 2022 to Cremonese of Serie A in Italy. Before, in 2018 he went through Rayados, where he could never shine, then he ran with better luck with Pumas, starting in 2020.

“He was invited by our viewer Enrique Ferreira to Cimarrones to start his process, he was in the Third Division, he continued in the Premier League, he was promoted to Ascenso MX where he had very good games. I call the attention in stripedJohan perhaps did not have great opportunities in Rayados, but without a doubt the minutes he played in Monterrey with that high demand and the time that he did not participate for sure was the determining factor for him to have regularity with Lillini in cougars; It seems that it is hidden, that it is useless, because he did not have the two thousand minutes, but that high competition and that pressure helped him to be able to reach the University team with better tools and faculties, and it is perhaps what may be helping him in Italy to consolidate a race in Europe”.

“Since he was very young, his training in federated teams, he was not given adequate follow-up in other teams and in Maroons stabilized… He had already been evaluated by club scouts, when he was seen again in the Caborca ​​team, Enrique Ferreira went to his house to knock on his door… Once he arrived at Cimarrones we had a clubhouse, with lodging, food, they are given a minimum income to cover the day to day, he comes of a place where there is no high or medium socioeconomic level, it is a working classthose conditions have helped to him to Face challenges of life, in this case the soccer with greater relevance, strength or passion”, said Beltrán.

Jesús Alcántar was placed Portugal

Another of the jewels is Jesus Alcantar, who was discovered by Cimarrones in 2018; in 2020 he moved to Necaxa and in July 2022 he emigrated to Sporting de Lisboa ‘B’ of the Terceira Liga.

“Jesús Alcántar was caught in the viewings of December 2018, He started in the Clausura 2019, he quickly attracted attention, a central defender with a dominant aerial game, with a pure start, a left-handed profile, he quickly made a difference in the Third Division, he had some training sessions with the Expansion League; he was caught in a small town, in the ejido El Coyote, in Caborca, Sonorawhere it has been one of the successes of Cimarrones, who has gone to attract, select footballers with qualities that can be strengthened and who can be part of a period of training and development, he spent a year and a half with us, he is the first player of maroons What is it summoned a minor selectionshe spent a year at the club and in January before the pandemic he was called up to the Under 18s in a tournament in Spain, it was a watershed for eyes to turn to Cimarrones ”, commented the manager.

Cachorro Montes’ brother emigrated to Spain

Alan Montes, Cachorro’s brother, is another case of success for Cimarrones, despite constant injuries; he arrived before Caesar in Europe, but at the Real Aviles of the Fourth Division of Spain. He left Cimarrones for Raya2 in 2021 and in June 2022 for Necaxa, from where he would make the jump in September.

“After Alcántar, we also transferred to Alan Montes a NecaxaAlan started his period in Cimarrones, went to another team, then restarted and had a knee cruciate ligament injury in the knee in the 2019 Apertura preseason, but he caught the attention of Necaxa, we made a temporary transfer with Purchase option which was carried out by Necaxa”, he pointed out.

maroons points out that in the future it can transfer players a Europe of direct way, being an option to have alliances with clubs from the Old Continent and for this, they have been to international events to start talks and advance this project.

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