Claudia Bahamón confessed to what did she refer to?

On her Instagram account, the model and presenter Claudia Bahamón revealed that she was “excited”. Her message was accompanied by an image in which she appeared lying on some baskets and looking at the ground, as if she was in low spirits.

“I have tusa because we are in the final stretch”, everything seems to indicate that he was referring to the famous reality show kitchen Master Chef Celebrity, c programanal RCN in which she is a presenter and where she has become very fond of the participants.

After Bahamón’s publication this Monday, June 27, his followers left him some messages. Most regretted that in a few days the cooking contest will come to an end.

“I die without MasterChef Colombia. It is my balm of joy before going to sleep (…); I’ve been in tusa for a while (…); I too… I’m going to miss seeing your beauty every night. And those illiterate people who brought joy to the kitchen… and all the others like the big family Master Chef (…); my favorite program is going to end (…); Don’t remind me, what am I going to watch when it’s over? (…); I am going to repeat the chapters while the tusa passes me ”, some netizens commented.

And it is that every night the participants of Master Chef Celebrity They show that their gastronomic knowledge improves, so some are even and others manage as best they can. In total, the celebrities who are still cooking are: Tatán Mejía, Cristina Campuzano, Carlos Báez, Isabella Santiago, ‘Estiward G’, Ramiro Meneses, ‘Chicho’ Arias.

Therefore, one of the questions that is most present, on the part of viewers, followers and netizens of the production, is: who will be the finalists of Master Chef Celebrity 2022?

Several users have made their predictions known on social networks, which is why the entertainment journalist Carlos Ochoa recently appeared on his official Instagram account and revealed the names of the celebrities who, according to the information that reached his ears, could be the finalists for this season of the culinary show.

It is necessary to say that the recordings of reality show They ended recently, so the rumors are becoming more and more latent.

As happened last season, it is expected that this year there will be four finalists, who will face each other in the last challenge that it would announce the winner of millions of pesos and would go on to be cataloged as the best of the great kitchen.

According to Ochoa’s statements, the possible finalists are four and they are all men: Tatán Mejía, Carlos Báez, ‘Chicho’ Arias and Ramiro Meneses.

The extreme athlete Tatán Mejía has stood out from the beginning as one of the best; he has shown that he knows about cooking, decorations and creativity. Likewise, the actor Carlos Báez has an affinity with desserts, he makes cakes that have allowed him to earn immunity pins.

On the other hand, The comedian from Antioquia ‘Chicho’ Arias has stressed that he knows how to make pizza in the best possible way.

Finally, the actor and director Ramiro Meneses presents his dishes with imagination and history; like everyone, he has had good and bad moments, but he is still a revelation.

For now, The transmission of the competition is still ongoing and until the last chapter of the season is presented on the small screen, anything could happen.

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