Club América harmed by arbitration vs Puebla, experts point out

The America club rescued the draw against Puebla in the first leg of the Quarterfinals in the Clausura 2022 Playoffs, meeting that ended with controversy due to the poor work of the central referee, Luis Enrique Santander, who ended up harming the capital team, according to experts in arbitration analysis.

After the match, Felipe Ramos Rizo and Armando Archundia, ESPN and Marca Claro analysts agreed on the fact that Santander’s work had been ‘bad’ and had directly affected the America club, Well, they did not point out a clear penalty on Federico Viñas in the first part of the game, in addition to ‘forgiving’ two expulsions to Puebla.

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First they should have expelled Segovia for the cunning foul against Federico Viñas, an action that should have been sanctioned as a penalty, both analysts judged.

In this play, the defender from Puebla left the studs ahead and ended up opening a wound in Viñas’ foot, who had to be sutured and transferred to a hospital in Mexico City to rule out a possible fracture.

The other expulsion had to come in the second half, for defender Parra, this for a stomp on Luis Fuentes in the first half, as well as an elbow against Cáceres in a split aerial ball, since the play should have been judged with a yellow card, the second for the sweet potato footballer.

Another play that caused controversy was the scoring by Club América, because in Sebastián Cáceres’ goal, his teammate Bruno Valdez appears flagrantly out of place, but according to specialists, the Paraguayan defender does not interfere in the play, so the goal was well validated by the VAR.

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