Cobie Smulders talks about digging deeper into Secret Invasion

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After the trailer released at the D23 Expo 2022, there is a lot of expectation for the television series secret invasionwhich will reach Disney+ in 2023 adapting the famous story of Marvel comics.

In a recent interview, the actress cobie smulders talked about what we can expect not only from the series, but from his character Mary Hill and of Nick Furywhom we will be able to get to know even more after several appearances in different projects for years.

It looks very good, and it’s a very different tone than what we’ve seen in the MCU. I mean, having Sam Jackson in anything is a great thing to see, but I think it really establishes his character in an interesting way that I’ve always wanted to see.

It is the deepest thing that I have been able to show of Maria Hill. That’s the beauty of this series that Marvel is doing, you can really see the backstory of these characters. What are the conversations that take place when they are just sitting around having a coffee? It’s not like, ‘Let’s go for the bad guys. Let’s go for this. We have to save the world again.’ It’s like, ‘Let’s talk for a while, let’s go for a walk.’ We can see those moments and get a little more intimate with the characters.

Given the importance that secret invasion in the comics, Smulders did not want to go into detail about whether the same will happen with the television series.

They’re geniuses at Marvel, so they’re going to establish something that I can’t talk about or have the ability to understand.

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