Colombians request personal care trips

In accordance with , people have increased their taste for wellness trips in the last year. This seems to be the trend that will also be imposed in 2023, since the requests seeking peace and quiet on a personal or family trip.

The travel portal that connects millions of tourists from different regions of the world, indicated that Colombians were mainly looking for tranquility in their getaways and They were attentive to his personal care.

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The direct protagonists who live from tourism hope that this industry will surpass various sectors of the economy and the success will be much greater than in 2022.

What are people looking for?

The company indicated that trips in 2023 will have a high self-care content on the part of tourists, who will put their peace of mind above all else.

Top 3 most requested skins

  • take care of health
  • Strengthen the mental area
  • Support at vital moments such as menopause

52% want their children to be born elsewhere, while another large percentage of people are interested in spiritual retreats and have connection with a supernatural area. Expeditions are also growing seek to strengthen the mindfulness (method to achieve full attention, focusing on the here and now).

People seek and need happiness

From they insist on the need to offer people the best experience that directly addresses their needs.

Those who want moments of peace and are lovers of travel will look for travel agencies capable of helping them locate points that reinforce their well-being and self-care.

There are even some hotels that offer online therapies and airlines that offer their passengers fitness on board.

“Escapes this year will no longer be just opportunities to soak up the sun, explore a new city or sample local cuisine, but more consumers will seek trips that help prioritize self-care as people want to escape the reality of their lives.” daily lives”pointed out Luiz Cegato, communications manager for Latin America at

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