Colorado Rockies hired Gold Glove

Ninth of Colorado Rockies announced new changes to its squad for the season MLB 2024. They brought an experienced catcher and high-quality weapons into their ranks.

The road has not been easy for the rocky team over the years. The last time they were at the October party was in the 2018 season. That time Postseason lost in three games against Milwaukee BrewersThey haven’t gotten any closer to the Wild Card or the West Division since then.

They’re one of the more low-key teams in Free Agency 2024 at the moment and haven’t announced a major acquisition, but they’ve brought experience to offset the terrible performances of their starters.

Colorado Rockies Hire Two Experienced MLB Players

According to the official team profile Colorado Rockies on Social Network X they announced that they rented a mask Jacob Stallings and the right jug Dakota Hudson from Free Agency.

Stallings He won a Gold Glove as a catcher while a member Pittsburgh Pirates in 2021 after posting a .995 non-pass fielding percentage.

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