Comeana, 38-year-old gym manager murdered at home, the last words: “I was shot”

A 38-year-old man died in via Boccaccio in Comeana (fraction of Carmignano) following a few gunshots. To give the alarm to the neighbors who would have heard the explosion. The man killed would have had time to say “they shot me” to some friends who came after hearing the shots. This is what emerged from the first information collected on the spot. After saying his last words, the man died of his injuries while a 118 helicopter rescue aircraft, which could have transferred him to the hospital, was reaching Comeana.

The reconstruction

A fight with two men, then a shot. This is a first reconstruction on the murder according to the story of a witness, a neighbor already heard in the barracks by the carabinieri who would remember hearing that the victim allegedly had a fight with two men this afternoon. They are the same ones who then, according to the woman, fled on foot after the shot. The carabinieri, however, have reconstructed with other witnesses that the escape of the two continued in a car parked not far from via Boccaccio. Searches are ongoing. According to what has been learned on the spot, the victim was called Gianni Avvisato, 38 years old. He had been living in Comeana for some months. In the country it is remembered as manager of a gym in Poggio a Caiano, but lately he seems to have been a waiter.

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November 24, 2021 | 17:25


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