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Functional and nutrigenetic medicine at Clínica Umebir

SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome, named for its acronym in English, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, is a pathology that affects many people and considerably interferes with their quality of life. However, with proper medical attention and correct treatment, it is possible to neutralize the disease. Even so, some important measures must be taken to avoid relapses, for which the administration of specific supplements is necessary. This is precisely one of the statements made by the Umebir Clinic, a medical center specialized in functional medicine, nutrigenetics and precision nutrition, specializing in pathologies or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, autoimmune and metabolic diseases, including SIBO.

Recommended tools to prevent SIBO relapse and ensure a healthy microbiota

The functional and nutrigenetic medicine clinic, Umebir, through its medical director Dr. Fernando Ruger Viarengo, also president of the Spanish Society of Functional and Nutritional Precision Medicine, assures that there are two tools necessary to avoid relapses of SIBO and LIBO once negative. If the origins of SIBO are assessed, it can be verified that the majority have an alteration in the migratory motor complex, for which prokinetic supplementation is vital for a prolonged time to negativization. If, in addition, it is taken into account that the overgrowth occurs, in part, due to the lack of immunity, that is, the defensive capacity of the mucosa, it becomes evident that another supplement that must remain for a while is the combination of nutrients of the intestinal cell and the systemic and local mucosal immunoregulators. Likewise, if it is known that the continent, which in this case is the intestine, and the content are bacteria of more than 1,000 species that generate what is called geographic competition for colonization space, it is also vital to maintain a supply of food adequate probiotic, which ensures a good level of beneficial bacteria and prevents the colonization or overgrowth of pathogenic species.

The important contribution of functional medicine and nutrigenetics to combat SIBO

Functional medicine has made it possible to understand all this integral mechanism of operation and the interrelation of the axes of the intestine with the brain and other organs of interest. From this conception, it also allows comprehensive medical interventions that improve not only organic function locally, but also at a systemic and global level, substantially improving results and reducing the chances of relapse. For its part, from nutrigenetics, it is possible to assess with this tool what type of effects certain supplements cause on a predisposing genetic field, and if there are gene mutations that can interfere with the metabolism of nutrients. Knowing this, this genetic deficiency can be supported with personalized and precision supplementation that also improves therapeutic success rates and decreases the chances of relapse.

At the Umebir Clinic, in Alicante, you can access specialized medical care, face-to-face and online, for these cases, being one of the first clinics in Europe specialized in nutrigenetic and microbiota functional medicine, and you can be attended by professional doctors who They act from functional medicine and nutrigenetics to guarantee the best results. Likewise, the necessary treatment can be accessed to combat SIBO and avoid future relapses.

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