consequences of use for the treatment of covid

hydroxychloroquine which was given to hospitalized Covid patients during the first wave of the virus, despite low-quality evidence, may have been responsible for almost 17,000 premature deaths in six countries analyzed in a scientific study. This is evidenced by research collected by the magazine. Biomedicine and pharmacotherapy in which a group of French researchers assessed premature mortality associated with this treatment in six countries, including Belgium, France and the USA.

During the first wave of Covid, treatment with hydroxychloroquine (headquarters) has been used “off-label despite a lack of evidence supporting its clinical benefits,” the authors emphasized.

The researchers’ goal waso count the number of deaths that can be attributed to to this treatment in countries where it was used on hospitalized patients during the first two to three months of the pandemic.

The authors based their estimates on data available for six countries, taking into account number of patients covid hospitalized in the first wave, patients who received treatment and people whose deaths were related to it, among others.

The dangers of using drugs with low levels of evidence

The study clarifies that if BelgiumOf the 19,644 hospitalized, 10,018 became infected and 240 died from it; In France, out of 99,997 people, 15,600 received it and 199 died; V Italyof 89,895, 72,635 received it and 1,822 died (a range of 1,170–2,063). Türkiyeof 21,417, they administered it to 15,656, and 95 of them died (range 92–128); and in the United States, out of 888,037, they gave it to 551,471, and 12,739 would have died (3,244–15,570).

According to the researchers, these data illustrate the dangers of using drugs with low levels of evidence to combat future pandemics.

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