Covid, Aifa announces annual recall with vaccine adapted for over 50 or 60 for the autumn

The pan-coronavirus vaccine is the goal. «It will take longer but not too long. In the meantime, we will get to the next booster with an adapted vaccine, with or without the flu virus, in the autumn ». This is the forecast line announced by Aifa general director Nicola Magrini at a press conference. The global pandemic “is an emergency we are emerging from.” However, it is still to be decided whether the entire population will be vaccinated or just over 50 or 60.

Prescription Oriented Aifa Antivirals From GPs

As for the prescribing of the new antivirals against Covid by general practitioners, there is a “clear orientation in favor” in the Aifa Technical Scientific Commission (in progress). In other words, he is inclined to “add family doctors to prescribers” of the medicines in question “who are currently linked to infectious disease specialists, hospital doctors and the Usca”, the special care continuity units. A final decision will arrive in the next few days and also includes adequate training in the use of the preparation. “Thanks in advance – added the general manager – the great availability offered by pharmacists and Federfarma, for a distribution of the drug” to doctors “at the pharmacy level, obviously, given the emergency, without additional costs”. And “I thank the family doctors for the great availability offered for a drug that is not simple” and clearly not available in pharmacies, as pointed out by Magrini in recalling – with particular reference to Paxlovid – that he has “numerous interactions to pay attention to”.

Fourth dose recommendation for over 80s in force

The recommendation to vaccinate people over 80 with the second booster, or fourth dose, comes into force today after publication in the Gazzetta Ufficiale. “In the coming months there could be a reduction in vaccine coverage, even if unpublished data show a hold precisely for this age group,” according to Magrini. The additional booster was already foreseen for immunosuppressed subjects.

Locatelli: respect the principle of maximum precaution

It is “important” that all the people for whom the opportunity to undergo the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine has been indicated “are covered, respecting a principle of maximum precaution”. Franco Locatelli, president of the Higher Council of Health (Css), during the presentation of the continuation of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 insists on the term recommendation.

“There is a strong advice, a wish from the health authority of the country”, so that “this fourth dose is administered to the over eighty”, as well as “to the guests of residential facilities for the elderly and to all those aged between 60 and 79 years old who have connotations of frailty due to concomitant pathology: from pulmonary fibrosis to diabetes, significant heart failure, rather than patients who have neurological diseases such as ALS or multiple sclerosis, which to some extent cause significant damage to the pathology acquired through Sars-CoV-2 infection “.

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