Covid Italy, bulletin of 13 May: update on positive cases, hospitalized and healed

38,507 new cases of Covid have been registered in Italy in the last 24 hours, compared to 39,317 yesterday. And, above all, the 43,947 infections of last Friday, confirming a slow but steady decline weekly trend. The processed swabs are 265,647 (yesterday 268,654) with the positivity rate which drops slightly from 14.6% to 14.5%. The deaths are 115 (yesterday 130). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic have risen to 165,091. There are 7 more patients in intensive care (yesterday -4), with 44 daily admissions, and there are 341 in all, while in the ordinary wards they are 251 fewer (yesterday -254), 7,907 in all.

Viola: “New vaccines not at all discounted, fourth dose must be done now”

“One of the reasons why people are not getting vaccinated is that there is a false expectation that the Covid vaccines we have are old, out of date, and that a new vaccine, suitable for the new variants, will arrive in September. . It is the great communication error that is going through at this moment “, this is the opinion of Antonella Viola, immunologist at the University of Padua and scientific director of the pediatric research institute Città della Speranza.

After 12 months, less than 1 in 10 thousand recovered had a serious relapse

The risk of reinfection with a severe or lethal form of covid-19 remains extremely low, even 12 months after the first infection. This is what a new study reveals – the first in the world with this time scale – published in the journal Frontiers in public health and coordinated by Lamberto Manzoli, professor in the department of medical and surgical sciences at the University of Bologna. The investigation followed the cases of over 100,000 patients in an Italian region, Abruzzo, who contracted covid-19 from the beginning of the pandemic until last February, investigating the rate of reinfection and secondary disease over a year. away from the first recovery.

Ricciardi: “It will end when we vaccinate the entire world population”

“The pandemic is still dramatically present and will not end until we vaccinate the entire world population. This is what political leaders are unable to understand. Unfortunately, today they are hesitating about this solution that will not come if it is not taken. this decision of the temporary suspension of patents “. This was stated by Walter Ricciardi, scientific advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, participating this morning, via video link, in a panel within the framework of the Oxfam festival, underway in Florence. “It is important to preserve intellectual property, but not always – added Ricciardi – In the presence of a pandemic it is necessary to privilege world health by temporarily suspending patents, until the pandemic ends or by making compulsory licenses as the president of the company said. EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen “.

“Hair loss in one in three patients”

Among the many problems caused by Covid-19 there is one that, in the acute phases of the disease, when everyone is caught up in respiratory or other complications, can go unnoticed. However, it is clearly emerging that Covid-19 very often causes hair loss problems, even one in three of those who have contracted the virus has hair loss and suffers from a more or less severe form of alopecia, after two to three months after infection. Alfredo Rossi, professor of dermatology at La Sapienza, spoke about it at the congress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Sime) which opened in Rome.

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