Covid, Lombardy bulletin today 11 May: 6,157 new infections and 12 deaths

The numbers of Covid, at the moment, seem to be under control, while the new variants are being studied: “They are not recognized by the vaccine. They are no longer contagious, but more infectious for the unvaccinated “, the words of Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Molecular Microbiology at the University of Padua. Regarding these variants, however, the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti foresees a possible new wave in autumn. In the meantime, the restrictions are decreasing: today, in fact, it has been made official stop the obligation to use masks on the plane starting next week. Spotlight on today’s data, 6,157 new positives in the region, after yesterday Lombardy was once again confirmed as the region with the most new cases: 9,481. The deaths, on the other hand, were 34. In Italy, today, 42,249 new cases and 115 deaths.

Covid Lombardy Bulletin

Lombard data
Lombard data

I’m 6,157 new cases of Covid in Lombardy, compared to 44,962 swabs carried out, of which 13.6% was positive. In the last 24 hours they are 12 people died, for a total of 40,198 deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic. The number of people admitted to intensive care is 37 today, 1 more than yesterday; while that of patients in ordinary Covid wards is falling, today 1,044, 42 less than 24 hours ago. In the metropolitan area of Milan the new cases are 1,888, of which 777 in the capital city. The provinces of Brescia follow (+773), Monza and Brianza (+571), Bergamo (+569), Varese (+523), Como (+403), Pavia (+349), Lecco (+236), Mantua (+219), Cremona (+177), Lodi (+130) and Sondrio (+122).

The pandemic in Italy

I am falling to 42.249 (-14 thousand) new infections from Covid with 294 thousand tampons (-77 thousand). This is revealed by today’s bulletin of the Ministry of Health which also records 115 deaths (-43) it’s a 14.3% positivity rate (-0.7%). In Lombardy there are 6,157 new positives, in Campania 4,356, in Veneto 4,141, in Emilia Romagna 3,892, in Lazio 3,859. The currently infected fall to 1.04 million (-41 thousand) of which 1.03 million in home isolation. And hospitalizations are also falling both in the medical area (-167 for a total of 8,412) and in intensive care (-20, 338). THE total cases since the beginning of the pandemic they rise to 16.915.301. The discharged / healed in the last 24 hours are 84,344 (yesterday 76,824) for a total that rises to 15,709,259. The currently positive there are 41,776 fewer (yesterday -20.783) for a total of 1.041.196. Of these, 1,032,446 are in home isolation.

In Lombardy -7% doses in the last two weeks

In the last two weeks, in Lombardy, vaccine administrations totaled 89,717, with a decrease of -7.1% compared to the previous 15 days, against a national decrease of 10.1%. This was reported in a note by the Lombard Welfare Department. Lombardy has contributed over 18% to the national campaign, again from April 27 to today, with a daily average of 6,100 / 6,600 inoculated doses. On the front of the fourth doses today were equal to 5,673.

The protest of the nurses: “We praised and mocked”

“In Italy, May 12 is the International Day of the acclaimed and mocked hero. There is nothing to celebrate”. This is how nurses feel, explains Donato Cosi, Nursind Lombardia regional coordinator and member of the national management of the union. The pandemic hasn’t changed things, according to him. “Two years of words thrown to the wind. Of promises (received) as a sailor. And we are always at the forefront, always with the same problems, always with the same needs and with so much extra weariness and bitterness”. Nurses “mocked by local and national politics, by the companies themselves and unfortunately, more and more often, by users. All rushing to call us heroes in the midst of the pandemic, and then forgetting and trampling us when we asked how much we owe. Above all help because, let’s not forget, we are first of all people “.

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