Covid North Korea, Bassetti: “There is a risk of a catastrophe similar to 2020”

“Six deaths and tens of thousands of Omicron variant Covid cases in North Korea. There is a risk of a catastrophe similar to that of 2020“, warns Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, in a tweet.” Those who have not been vaccinated can already understand, as long as they want it – he adds – the damage caused by Omicron in a country without vaccines. Good vision”.

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Bassetti then comments on the data from the Chinese study on Long Covid published in ‘The Lancet Respiratory Medicine’ which showed that more than half (55%) of those hospitalized for Covid-19 still present at least one symptom of the disease after 2 years . “They are impressed, but they are referring to the first wave of the pandemic – he says – We too have worked on the short and long-term consequences of the Covid disease: former patients complain of fatigue, memory problems and even respiratory problems. But the question we must have pigs is the one referring to the arrival of vaccines “, because”those who have had Covid when vaccinated do not have the same symptoms as those who have not been vaccinated. And this also seems to apply to the Covid post“, while” the unvaccinated recovered had similar aftermath to those who had pneumonia in March-May and October-December 2020. So the watershed is vaccination “.

“We see important forms of Long Covid and post Covid today in those who are not vaccinated – continues Bassetti – That they reach up to 2 years seems a bit long to me, but we take note of it. The study shows that this is an aggressive virus, that causes a serious disease because there is an interaction between the virus and the inflammatory system. It is a non-classical infectious-inflammatory disease and this synergy creates more damage. A clear message arrives from the Chinese study “, reiterates the expert:” Vaccination makes the difference “.

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