Covid, positive Bill Gates raises: “We will do everything to avoid a new pandemic”

Bill Gates tested positive for Covid. He announced it himself on Twitter: “I am fortunate to be vaccinated even with the ‘booster’ dose, and to have access to analysis and medical treatment of the highest level,” he wrote.

The author of ‘How To Prevent the Next Pandemic’ released a few days ago, for some time engaged in the study and fight against the pandemic with the Gates Fondation, after having raised the alarm on the possibility of a new variant of the more transmissible and dangerous virus , said she had mild symptoms and followed expert advice.

Gates has worked hard in recent years with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle to support research against covid and to ensure access to vaccines and drugs for the poorest countries. The Gates Foundation said in October that it would spend $ 120 million to increase access to generic versions of Merck’s antiviral pill for low-income countries. Gates had a lot of discussion recently stating that we are at “we are still at risk of a more transmissible and more deadly variant. There is a 5% chance that the worst is yet to come”.

For this – he insists – to avoid the next pandemic, more investments and the creation of a team of epidemiologists and experts are needed to rapidly identify threats to global health and improve cooperation between countries. Gates therefore pushes for the creation of a team of experts, the Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization Initiative, within the World Health Organization to prevent new pandemics.

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