Covid, Spain turns the page: for those with mild symptoms, goodbye tampons and no quarantine. Stop counting individual cases

There Spain turn the page on Covid and take the first step in treating it as a flu. Since the beginning of the week, the Iberian country has been loosening restrictions after two years marked by periods of continuous openings and closings. For those with mild symptoms tampons are no longer mandatory and not even the quarantinesbut in the next 10 days he will have to be cautious by limiting social relations and always using the maskmandatory in closed spaces. Buffers and insulation, on the other hand, continue to be indicated for vulnerable people, for those with pathologies, for over 60for the immunosuppressed, for the pregnant women and for workers sanitary And health and social care.

In addition to the elimination of quarantines, Spain also has stopped counting the singles cases: from now on, only those are referred to severe and contagions in contexts vulnerable. The pressure in the hospitals it will be another important indicator to observe the progress of the virus. The country officially enters a period of transition which will lead, in the first months of 2023, to the implementation of a system of surveillance sentinel, like what is used for the flu. Specifically, a network of general practitioners And hospital following a statistically representative sample of the population will report the cases. The collected data will be extrapolated to calculate the total incidence and severe cases.

The decision to adopt this new strategy arrives as Spain is moving out of sixth wavewhich has seen an explosion of cases throughout Europe, mostly mild or asymptomatic thanks to vaccination campaigns: in Spain the ninety two% of the population over 12 years is vaccinated. The inability to access the test for the long waits that put pressure on the general practitioner network, as well as the results of the self-test that escaped the statistics, highlighted that the data provided was incomplete and represented only partially the epidemiological situation.

With these new rules, which have come into effect Monday 28 Marchthe government has ended the “phase acute of the pandemic ”, but explained that these measures will change in case you notice a worsening of the epidemiological situation. The criterion for evaluating it is precisely the pressure in hospitals: if the percentage of sick people of Covid is less than one 5% in the ward and to a 10% in intensive care, the risk is low and the measures will be maintained. If not, we will evaluate a step backards.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health of last March 29 – the last to be published with the traditional calculation of infections – the cumulative incidence rate at 14 days is 466 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, a figure that falls within the range of high risk transmission. However, the pressure in hospitals is low: the 4% of the available beds are occupied by Covid patients, a percentage that reaches 5.4% in intensive care.

The last step that the ministry is considering is the elimination of the masks places to the closed. The minister of health, Carolina Darias, said on Tuesday that this measure will be adopted “when the experts propose it. Let’s advance step by step ”, without specifying whether it will be days or weeks. From 1 April, the state of emergency proclaimed by the former Prime Minister ended in Italy Giuseppe Conte January 31, 2020. However, the obligation of the mask indoorsat least until April 30, as well as the quarantines for the positives, who will be able to come out of isolation afterwards 7 or 10 days with a failing swab.

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